Police get house wrong, handcuff game devs

It pays to have good neighbours. A Denver-based indie studio recently learned that the hard way, after police dragged them out of their office – in handcuffs – after mistaking them for the people next door.

Y’see, the gamers, who are currently hard at work on golf/thug-life release Ghetto Golf, have offices right next to a medicinal marijuana store. One evening, an alarm was triggered in the store, and police were dispatched to check out the ‘break-in’. Upon arriving at the address, they stormed into the IllFonic offices instead, and you know the rest.

We’ve gotten a hold of the security footage, which shows the police leading the team outside, slapping the handcuffs on at gunpoint, and then investigating the scene of the ‘crime’.

Apparently, the store-next-door had recently been the victim of a number of break-ins (both attempted and successful), so the police are taking incidents there pretty seriously.

Fortunately, everything was sorted out swiftly and the devs were allowed to go back to work (although I’d imagine more than a couple headed down the pub!). If nothing else, it’s some awesome promotion for Ghetto Golf, a downloadable title due for release in the near future.

Far from being upset, the team at IllFonic would actually like to applaud the boys in blue for their rapid response – they’d just like it if they checked their addresses better, next time.

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