Valve: Apple set to get a little Steamy?

It’s looking increasingly likely that Valve are coming to the dark side and releasing a version of their Steam client for Mac OS X.

This story first came to our attention last week, in a rumour posted in The Pron Stash (thanks to some details tucked into the client’s new beta release), but today it’s gained more momentum with the publisher sending special images to various news outlets.

We’ve rounded them all up and have them here for your viewing pleasure (click to enlarge each one):

Rock, Paper, Shotgun Rock, Paper, Shotgun got a page from a magazine in the style of Apple’s old ad campaigns, which seems to confirm what we suspected.
MacRumors Then we have the one sent to MacRumorsHalf-Life‘s Gordon Freeman with what seems to be an Apple logo on his chest.
MacNN The third went to MacNN, a spoof of the “Get a Mac” ads featuring turrets from both Team Fortress 2 and Portal.
Shacknews Team Fortress makes another appearance in an image sent to Shacknews, the Heavy and his Sandvich, in a very symbolic art style.
Eurogamer Eurogamer received one which sees Left 4 Dead‘s Francis explaining that he “hates different”.
MacWorld And finally, Macworld have a new version of Apple’s famous 1984-styled commercial, starting Alyx Vance from Half-Life 2

Cryptically, each of the images was sent out “In anticipation of an upcoming announcement from Valve.”

…gamers around the world, particularly those who aren’t running Windows, are on the edge of their seats for this one, and we’re assuming there will be some sort of announcement released next week during GDC. We’ll keep you posted.

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