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To The Moon

2009 entry:
To The Moon

If you want to check out the 2009 Into The Pixel exhibition, you’d better head to San Francisco. We’ve just received word that the most recent collection of the world’s only exhibition that brings together experts from the interactive entertainment industry and the fine art establishment (to explore the art of the video game, no less), will be on display at the Hotel des Arts. Better yet, the opening reception kicks everything off on March 11th, during the 2010 Game Developers Conference!

This is the exhibition’s seventh year as the only annual opportunity for published computer and video game artists to be recognised by their peers, renowned fine art experts, and – importantly – the art loving public. Each year, a jury is comprised of artists, gallerists, museum curators, educators and interactive entertainment art veterans, to review the submitted art pieces. Only 16 artworks are then chosen to be printed, framed and hung in the ITP gallery, which travels around the world.

Louis Marchesano, Into the Pixel co-lead juror and curator of prints and drawings at the Getty Research Institute explains:

“As an art historian and museum curator for traditional prints and drawings, Into the Pixel has been something of a revelation to me. What I’ve found is that the artistic quality of some of these images is sometimes poetic, sometimes nostalgic, and sometimes downright brilliant.”

Over Hill, Over Dale

2009 entry:
Over Hill, Over Dale

Michael D. Gallagher, president and CEO of the Entertainment Software Association (the trade association that represents U.S. computer and video game publishers) chips in:

“Each print is an icon of our industry’s artistic achievement. The ESA is proud to help bring ITP to the Game Developers Conference. ITP is a forceful reminder of the powerful and compelling art that our industry’s storytellers, creators, and innovators develop.”

Kendall Schoenrock, CEO of LTL PRINTS, a startup company from Philadelphia is also involved:

“LTL PRINTS created and donated a collection of giant custom wall graphics for the Hotel des Arts exhibition, featuring the winning entries from the 2009 Into the Pixel collection. The giant wall murals we created for Into the Pixel are custom-sized for the walls on the main floor and lobby of the Hotel des Arts, and the artwork is simply astounding. We are absolutely honored to work with the Entertainment Software Association, the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences, and the Prints and Drawings Council of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art to bring this amazing exhibition to San Francisco during the Game Developers Conference.”

Finally, Joseph Olin, president, Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences is very pleased with how things are unfolding:

“Over the course of the last seven years, we have seen submissions of some amazing art, and we are very pleased to bring the 2009 collection to the Hotel des Arts during the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. The Academy and ESA are thrilled to once again showcase the artistry and creative genius of the men and women within the interactive entertainment industry and like years past, the selected pieces are decidedly impressive, and we want to bring this collection to the widest possible global audience.”

Dirk Dagger Pulp

2009 entrant:
Dirk Dagger Pulp

It doesn’t stop with the one ITP show, however – the five floors of San Francisco’s “Art Hotel” will be full of artwork ‘from and inspired by’ video games, featuring work from gallery partners Super7, Gallery 1988, Project One Gallery and the START SOMA art gallery.

The event was organised by John Doffing, a very busy man. He is currently advisor to LTL PRINTS, curator of the Hotel des Arts and creator of the art hotel’s “painted rooms” exhibitions. He’s also a former juror and member of the emeritus board of Into the Pixel!

“I simply connected some amazing organizations and sent a few emails

“The entire exhibition quickly took on a life of its own, and I am absolutely honored to bring the artwork that I personally love to the widest possible audience with a giant VIDEO GAME ART SHOW at the Hotel des Arts!”

If you can’t make it to opening night on March 11th, the exhibition will remain on display at the San Francisco Hotel des Arts until April 2010.

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