Live Nude Sims in the Australian media

(avert your eyes)

There is a patch for The Sims 3, which you can download to make your little people appear quite naked (and unblurred). It’s been out for almost as long as the game itself, but there are still gamers around the place who are only now catching on.

One of these people is Australian author John Birmingham, who has written a column on the topic, I kid you not. “Unpixelate my naked pixel people” appeared today on the Brisbane Times website, and it raises some interesting points.

Primarily: Why do people seem to have such a problem watching “little cartoon people get jiggy with each other”, when they are more than happy to get into a bit of the old ultraviolence via a controller or keyboard?

It’s well worth a read, and a timely reminder that if you’d like to see a bit more ‘adult content’ in your Australian-released video games, don’t forget to respond to the Public Consultation regarding an R18+ rating for computer games in Australia (for more information). The deadline is this Sunday, Feb 28th, so you’d better hurry!

(The story goes that JB was tipped off by fellow Aussie Helen Razer, in an exchange which filled me with fangirly glee. She deserves some credit here also.)

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