Wii gets an Aussie makeover

Black Wii Console

Slimming, don't you think?

Australian gamers will soon have a choice: Black or White? What about pink or blue? Nintendo have confirmed that, from March 11, they will release a sleek, black version of their Wii console – to be sold with a black Wii-mote, black Nunchuk and a copy of Wii Sports.

In addition to that – on shelves from February 25th, newly painted Wii-motes will be available too – in black, pink or blue, while the Nunchuk will only be available in black.

Of course, these have been available overseas for a while, arriving in Japan in August last year, and topping European Christmas wish-lists after launching in November, but still, we’re grateful for what we can get.

Black Wii-mote Pink Wii-mote Blue Wii-mote
The new peripherals on display.

According to analyst group GfK, the Wii is currently Australia’s fastest-selling console, moving more than 1.75 million units in 167 weeks. Surely by now, everyone who wants one has one, right?

If you’re one of the handful who don’t, and you’d like to try your luck, Nintendo are actually giving away their new products. To win a Black Wii, explain How much do you want a Black Wii consoles?, or for a coloured Wii-mote pack, tell them in 25 words or less: Which is your favourite new colour Wii Remote and why? Easy stuff – good luck!

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