The Pron Stash

Looking Good:
Splinter Cell: Conviction gets a story trailer
Napoleon: Total War – what’s changed? …better watch the new trailer to find out!
Supreme Commander 2: Two new trailers! (That’s the other SC2 RTS, y’know.)
Just Cause 2 time-lapse footage shows off the day/night cycle – pretty!
Magicka releases “one of the more humorously self-deprecating trailers we’ve seen in a while” for the upcoming action-RPG.
Bounty Arms: Nifty looking side-scrolling platformer which started life as an Unreal mod before going solo.
Medal of Honor reboot images give us our first second look at the upcoming shooter.
Alan Wake: 5 minutes of gameplay if you really can’t wait.
Blade Kitten, coming to PSN later this year, looks quite cute – it’s based off a comic, y’know.
Castlevania: Lords of Shadow will not have CG cut-scenes, all of them are created using the game’s engine.
Fullmetal Alchemist: To The Promised Day – first look screens.
MAG gets some developer tips: Field Support.

Resident Evil 5 suffers a wardrobe malfunction, with the wrong costume packs released.

Developmentally challenged:
StarCraft II: celebrate the beta with a bunch of video interviews! – Greg Canessa, Dustin Browder, Chris Sigaty and Rob Pardo.
Will Wright sees himself as a ‘toymaker’ – one who destroys Barbie dolls, apparently.
Calling All Cars was a “mistake”, says David Jaffe.
Espagaluda II Black Label to be Cave’s last region-free shooter, for the time being.
Richard Garriott is humble, claims to have written some of the best dialogue in the history of gaming.
Alan Wake’s storyline may continue outside of video games, with devs chatting about TV series, books… to become “Gaming’s Facebook” – if Blizzard have their way.
Gas Powered Games’ Chris Taylor chats about the perils of being an independent developer.
THQ have faith in Cloud Computing, believe it could bring gaming ‘roaring back’.
Crackdown 2’s Jim Cope chats from X10.
Aliens vs. Predator devs answer questions about dedicated servers.
Alan Wake devs are “betting the farm” on this release.
Crysis 2 faced ‘creative constraints’ when bringing the game to console.

I’m including this just for the headline:
Dante’s Ramen will turn your mouth into an Inferno. Ah, Japan.

Playing nasty:
Interzone Games – the saga continues, doesn’t get any nicer.

MMO to love:
Star Trek Online needs a “meaningful” death penalty – don’t we all, really?
Ether Saga Online features a “My Little Pony from Hell”, the Dark Nocturno.
World of Warcraft: Trading Card Game publisher Upper Deck issues a press statement about parting ways with Blizzard.
Warhammer Online details upcoming RvR weapons in the impending 1.3.4 patch.
World of Warcraft: Frag Doll Valkyrie talks about her experiences with the game
Age of Conan subscriptions well over 100,000?
Star Trek Online: A guide to ship and space combat weapons, interesting reference.
World of Warcraft gets closer in China, with NetEase getting their license back.

In good company:
Zynga valued at roughly $3 billion – that’s a lot of Farm Cash.
Naughty Dog have no producers, and they explain why.
Activision CEO Bobby Kotick doesn’t play games – and it looks like he has a good reason.

Aliens vs. Predator: SEGA offering to fix poor, broken facehuggers (the statue ones, not the real ones)

Not just for calls:
Noby Noby Boy now available – more a ‘toy’ than a ‘game’.
Epic Games are working on the iPhone, but are not making an iPhone game. Confused?

Dante’s Inferno has sparked a heated discussion about the impact of “literature” on gaming.
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2: How its failures contribute to PC gaming.

In Development:
Super Street Fighter IV will include Dudley, Ibuki and Makoto. Officially. Hoorah!
Final Fantasy Versus XIII: Next reveal may be delayed, thanks to some changes to the world map.
River City name resurrected for DS sports titles, weird, but good?
Battlefield: Bad Company 2 pre-orders to be upgraded to Limited Edition while stocks last. Guess they’re not selling many of the expensive ones?
Epic Mickey took inspiration from Kingdom Hearts, or so they said at DICE.
Heavy Rain voice actors look like their characters, and it’s a little creepy.
Metal Gear Arcade is not vapourware, and is playable – with 3D goggles!
Rune Factory 2 will be released in Europe, thanks to the German censors revealing its rating.
The Hunted wins grand prize in the second Make Something Unreal contest, picking up US$50,000 and a commercial license for Unreal Engine 3.
Bloody Good Time rated MA15+ in Australia, even though it’s not announced yet.

Naughty Dog helps naughty dogs by sponsoring an animal shelter. How cool!

Console Yourselves:
Star Wars comes to PlayStation Home – nuff said, really!
Sony’s motion controller called “Gem” by Disney exec – later dismissed as “just a codename”.

A casual affair:
Facebook: Terrifying the traditional games business, apparently.

Silver Screen:
Tekken Movie Trailer …just watch it. Don’t thank me.
Uwe Boll making another BloodRayne movie, BloodRayne 3: Warhammer set to go straight to DVD.

OnLive working smoothly at DICE

Downloadable Content:
Battlefield: Bad Company 2 to get new multiplayer maps as Day One DLC.

Mark your calendars:
Blue Toad Murder Files coming to US PSN, March 25th.
Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands arrives on PS3 and 360 the same day as the Wii, that is – May 18th in the US and May 20th in Europe.
Clover: A Curious Tale to arrive on PC via download on March 3.
MotoGP 09/10 dated for Europe, March 19th – for both PS3 and Xbox 360.

Cheap Thrills:
Shattered Horizon gets a free weekend and a 50% off sale on Steam, of course.

Nunchuck-style peripheral for PS3 motion controls?
Final Fantasy XIII heading to PSP? …this one we think is a typo, unless it’ll take up 20+ UMDs.

BioShock 2, to 1.01, fixing a whole stack of minor issues.
America’s Army 3 v 3.0.7, fixing a long list of gameplay issues and bugs.


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