Ubisoft requires always-on internet, or else.


Didn't seem to think this through.

Ubisoft have issued something described as a “big F-you” to gamers with their newest DRM, to be installed with Assassin’s Creed II.

The publisher originally announced that all of their future PC games would require an internet connection to play – a decision that left most gamers outraged (and more than a little surprised). They’d all hoped that the plan would be scaled back or re-organised, but – alas – here we are, and there it is.

If you have an always-on internet connection, you’re fine to start off with. The game will sign in with the Ubisoft Game Launcher (which checks for updates), then loads the rest of the game, and away you go. Those of you without an internet connection at the beginning will hit an error message straight out of the box.

…the really frustrating bit comes if you’ve been playing for a while and your game loses its connection – through losing sync, your router rebooting, or just the game being unable to connect to Ubisoft. At that point, you’ll be booted unceremoniously out of the game, and given the option of waiting to be reconnected or quitting back to Windows.

Did I mention that all of your progress since the last checkpoint or savegame is lost at this point?

Assassin's Creed II

...only if you have an internet connection.

I know, you’re reading this and thinking that it won’t affect you, you’ve got a shiny awesome connection and you’re always attached to the internet at lightning speeds, right? …what happens when Ubisoft decide to take their Master Servers down for maintenance, or something else happens at their end? Everybody around the world connected to that server will be kicked off, losing their progress. Not really fair now, is it?

And the kicker? This isn’t going to go close to stopping pirates from cracking the game and distributing it, free of DRM.

Nice try, Ubi, but no dice.

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