Zombie Wonderland – tiny team, big results?

Zombie Wonderland Screenshot

Zombie Infestation?
Dial 1-800-blast-a-zombie!

I’ve got some information here about a new iPhone game, Zombie Wonderland. Yes, it put zombies on the iPhone in a tower defence-style game, so it’s just one of the many that filter through the interwebs on a nearly daily basis.

But – this one might be different. Firstly, you’re a cleaner. You play as Chuck, the Zombie Cleaner – apparently he’s the guy to call when you’re having a zombie infestation at your place. His job is to shoot the undead with his beloved shotgun, all while keeping the place spick and span.

Secondly, the control system sounds a bit more complex than we’re used to with these iPhone casual releases:

Zombie Wonderland makes perfect use of the touch screen interface on the iPhone. Pinch to zoom in or out; swipe sideways to rotate the camera; tap a zombie and Chuck will shoot him, tap again for another dose of hot lead. Tap a window and Chuck will run to it, where you can then use your hammer to nail some planks to the window and keep the scent fresh in the house. Swipe up and down to clean the floors from zombie gut splash.

Zombie Wonderland Screenshot

(He's behind you!)

Finally, Zombie Wonderland is pretty special in my book for one very simple thing. They’ve told us how they made the game, highlighting just how small an operation really is behind this thing.

The team is a guy sitting for a long time in front of two monitors, balancing a Wacom tablet in one leg, a keyboard on another and making sure he’s painting inside the lines most of the time.

A programmer is also a key element, and we have one of those too. A good one.

A bunch of friends with more talent than good judgment helped us tremendously throughout the project and this game wouldn’t have happened without them. They know who they are. And I can’t thank them enough.

And my beloved wife and business partner created the great websites that help us show our little game to the world, kept the bank account humming and the cats well fed.

One, two three… awwwwww.

Zombie Wonderland should be released within a month or so, thanks to Chillingo and Xoobis – we’ll keep you posted, and will most definitely report back on whether or not the game lives up to our high expectations!

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