The Pron Stash

Donkey Kong Junior World Record retained by Steve Wiebe, star of The King of Kong.

Aliens vs. Predator PC launches without dedicated servers, they’re coming “soon“.

Buy me this:
Adidas launch Oldskool Gamestyle sneakers, I drool.

Art in games:
The Art of Street Fighter = 20% off in the Capcom Store.

Console yourself:
PS3 serves publishers better than 360 …says Sony.
Wii price drop imminent, or should be, says analyst.

Darksiders: 90-minute demo released February 25 if you haven’t already checked it out.
Max & The Magic Marker gets a PC demo – no longer a WiiWare exclusive.

Developmentally Challenged:
Peter Molyneux wants help – from the government, that is.
Final Fantasy XIII creators chat about the Toyota Prius, as well as a bunch of other stuff.
Kings and Castles creator, Chris Taylor reveals his new project, the new one for Gas Powered Games.
Bungie: What’s next? …life after Halo.
The Misadventures of P.B. Winterbottom takes us from school to XBLA and 2K Games.
THQ says their core audience is not on the Wii, and chat about the de Blob sequel coming to multiple platforms.
Xenoblade director dishes the dirt on the Wii RPG.
Bungie are concerned people will judge them after the recent Halo: Reach leaks.
XPEC, based in Taiwan, are working on a new Wii game.
Square Enix observe that middleware will not replace the right team and a decent amount of talent.
Heavy Rain’s David Cage says this is his last thriller game, the end of his personal trilogy.

A casual affair:
Facebook attracts major publishers, with EA, Ubisoft and Microsoft getting behind the platform.
PopCap claim 24% of people are active social gamers, but only 28% of those have spent real money on ingame currency.

In good company:
Double 11 chats about their Rockstar roots, and their new plans.
EA dropping online support for more games, including LOTR:Conquest, The Simpsons Game and Mercenaries 2.
Atari announce new CFO, “stable” revenues in 2009, down a shade on the previous year.
EA Tiburon visits a Florida children’s hospital and donates a bunch of games. Aww.
Zynga have opened a new development studio …in Bangalore.

Final Fantasy V preferred by men, women like original Final Fantasy. Odd.

Sweet Tweets:
Just Cause 2 on PC: “Definitely not a port” says Mike Oldman.

MMO to love:
Allods Open Beta kicks off, in Europe.
Aika closed beta testing scheduled: running between February 24 and March 2.
Dark Age of Camelot will be managed by Mythic in Europe – bringing it into line with North America.
EVE Online donate US$40,000 to Haiti as part of their “PLEX for Haiti” campaign.
Lord of the Rings Online gets skill upgrades in Volume III, and they take the time to explain them.
Author R.A. Salvatore discusses storytelling – and revenge! – in MMOs.

In Development:
LEGO Harry Potter interview details ‘brick-building’ system – more complex than merely one on top of the other.
Sonic Classic Collection now features touch-screen quicksave. Handy!
Battlefield: Bad Company 2 will not feature any modding tools, at release anyway.
StarCraft II Beta FAQ officially revealed, to tie in with the new launch.
Sonic 4 not developed by Sega – instead handing the dev reins to Dimps.
Battlefield: Bad Company 2 will feature Mass Effect 2-style DLC access code, as part of Project Ten Dollar.
SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Fireteam Bravo 3 fighting PSP piracy, thanks to a new registration requirement.
Command & Conquer 4 is “like an FPS”, so the producer thinks.

Music in Games:
G.A.N.G. reveal finalists for their 8th annual GANG awards – audio of the year, music of the year, that sort of thing.
Diamond and the Sound of a Gunshot composers discuss ‘audio tension’ (it’s a Japan-only game, but interesting reading).
Borderlands audio lead Raison Varner chats about the game’s soundtrack

Looking Good:
Just Cause 2 gets a new Gravity trailer (Spoiler: what goes up, must come down!)
Sonic 4 screenshots, video leaked – and it looks surprisingly, well, Sonic-like.
Prison Break: The Conspiracy looks like more than just a generic game/tv tie-in. Check out the hands-on for more details.
TrackMania Wii teaser – racer jumps consoles.
Yakuza 3 trailer heads behind the scenes.
Metro 2033 DX11 screens are awfully shiny, and the game also supports NVidia 3D vision support and PhysX.
Red Steel 2 looks – shall we say – bloody good, in this new trailer.
Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth character guide, to bring you up to speed.
Assassin’s Creed II shows off new Bonfire of the Vanities screenshots ahead of the DLC launch today.

Silver screen:
Halo Legends animation studios profiled, for the curious.

Cheap Thrills:
Duke Nukem 3D half-price next week, says George Broussard.
Shadowgrounds series to get Steam sales – bundled together for less than US$5!

Mark your calendars:
XBLA House Party kicks off March 17th, with Perfect Dark.
GDC Europe returns in August to Cologne, Germany.
Infinite Space, the new DS game from Platinum, is due in Europe on March 26th.

Toy Story 3: The Video Game, on every platform you can think of.
Ninety-Nine Nights II to arrive in Spring 2010.
God Eater, the Japanese best-seller, will be arriving in the US in Q3 2010, nom nom.
Alan Wake given a T for Teen rating in the US, suggesting it’s not really that violent.

Data East Arcade Classics, containing 15 games (like Burger Time!)
Resident Evil 5: Lost in Nightmares, on Xbox Live Marketplace.

Eternal Darkness coming to Wii? New trademark registration sparks rumours we may see a return of the GameCube title.
Jimi Hendrix Rock Band this year? Harmonix remain coy.
Killer Instinct 3 “still a possibility”, says Ken Lobb.
Final Fantasy XI to end in 2010 (to make room for FFXIV, y’know).
Monster Hunter Tri Portable coming out this year? Hong Kong magazine Gamewave may have a huge scoop.
PS3 cross-game chat restricted to paid PSN subscribers?

MAG to 1.02, tidying up some XP requirements and tweaking the HUD.
Age of Conan, developer hoping to unleash ‘guild wars’.
RailWorks, with a decent changelog.

Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising no longer patched or updated by Codemasters, also signalling the end of DLC for the title.

Midway games disappear from Xbox LIVE, still available on PSN and via Amazon.


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