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Pleased to be here!

THQ and Syfy are putting their combined powers to good use: their first joint project includes a television version of THQ title de Blob.

Dave Howe, President of Syfy observes:

“This deal with THQ is an important foundation in building the Syfy Kids brand and delivering cutting-edge, interactive, story-telling experiences that live beyond the linear television screen. Syfy Kids will bring the wonder and excitement of imagine-based entertainment to a whole new generation of born digital consumers who expect their media on any platform, any place, any time. We want to build transmedia experiences that will excite and involve them and THQ is an extraordinary partner that shares our vision.”

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de Blob

We mentioned this in the Stash recently, but in hindsight decided it deserved its own post. Essentially, the two companies have entered into a “comprehensive strategic alliance”, with the intention of further developing video game franchises into fully-integrated multi-platform properties – not to mention creating new concepts and IP.

This is all part of Syfy breaking into the children’s market, via their Syfy Kids branding, which is aimed at 2-17 year olds. It’s believed that de Blob will sit nicely as a key foundation for the brand, alongside fantasy, mystery, paranormal and action/adventure, all designed to stimulate kids’ imaginations.

Doug Clemmer, Executive Vice President, THQ Kids, Family and Casual Games explains further:

“We are pleased that our owned franchise de Blob has been selected as a foundational character and storyline for Syfy’s new Syfy Kids brand.

We look forward to working closely with Syfy to introduce de Blob’s colorful world to a new audience of young adults via webisodes, television and other media, broadening awareness for this loveable hero.”

Screenshot from de Blob

What rhymes with orange?

One of the biggest breakout hits for the Wii back in 2008, de Blob is a lovable (yet edgy) little guy who has set out to save the world from a boring monochrome future. The evil I.N.K.T. Corporation has declared “Color is a crime!” and sucked all the beauty out of Chroma City: so it’s up to de Blob -and his group of Color Revolutionaries- to use their unique abilities to colour the world back to life.

Initially, the focus from Syfy will see de Blob developed into webisodes, consumer products and television – while on the THQ side of the fence, there are more games in the works, due by March 31, 2011.

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