Diablo III: Meet the Lady Barbarian

Diablo 3 just keeps looking better and better, with the artists releasing little tidbits of imagery to keep us hooked.

Following last week’s reveal of the female Monk, today we meet a new lady, the female Barbarian – and she’s… well… a little scary lookin’.

The Female Barbarian from Diablo III

...don't mess with her.

There’s no doubt that she could squish you as soon as look at you, with armour-plated everything, bulging muscles and a couple of very large blades. A cascade of red hair spills from beneath a horned helmet – this girl means business.

But what did you expect? The barbarian is a tank! Her male counter-part is a big hulk of a man, with spikes and chains and a braided beard. Anything less than a muscled Amazon would have clashed with the lore, and would likely have been snapped in half by her first opponent.

Lady barbarian is not designed to be pretty (I think that’s partially the lady Wizard‘s job), but I can’t think of anyone I’d rather have protecting me.

For more details on the Barbarian, head to her Diablo III Character Class page.

…still no word on when we might actually be able to play Diablo III. Blizzard revealed last week that both World of Warcraft: Cataclysm and the first in the StarCraft II trilogy would be released in 2010, so we’re guessing we’ll be gazing at concept art for a little while longer.

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