The Pron Stash

Looking good:
Richard Garriott: Man on a Mission – Lord British took a documentary crew with him into space, and is launching a documentary at SXSW, with a sneak-peek trailer released now.
LA Noire – GameInformer has the scoop, and it’s very stylish indeed.
Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands looks kinda amazing on Wii (but are they real?).
Etrian Odyssey III brings you up to speed with this new trailer.
Endless Ocean 2 – watch a squid fight a whale!
Halo: Reach the brand new first look trailer.
Mega Man 8-Bit Deathmatch Trailer combines many words I never thought would be in the same sentence.
Splinter Cell: Conviction trailer – Sam Fisher will never be the same again.
Nier trailer shows off a “large shade creature”, introduces new partner-in-crime Kaine.
Dark Void Zero 8-bit artist shows off his wares, chats about the creation process.
Sins of a Solar Empire: Trinity explained through walkthrough video – very helpful indeed.
Aliens vs Predator: new trailer shows a lot of killing (are you surprised?)

Vote early, vote often:
BAFTA Nominations announced, public voting now open!

Torne will turn your PS3 into a DVR, via USB.

A legal matter:
Dante’s Inferno: does it infringe on God of War? Law of the Game on Joystiq has the story.

In development:
Total War is not coming to consoles unless Creative Assembly can replicate the PC experience.
Skate 3 reveals singleplayer details in a new video interview.
God of War 3 gets a new website, we link to it.
StarCraft II get in on the Toy Fair collectible action – infected Kerrigan, Zeratul, Jim Raynor and Tychus all turning into figurines.
Section 8 is coming to PS3, download-only, but bringing with it cool added content.
Dragon Age: Origins Awakening reveals the dwarven fortress of Kal’Hirol, which sounds pretty darn awesome.
Global Agenda: Devs outline plans for the future via their forums.

Console Yourselves:
PlayStation Network coming to mobiles… sounds familiar.

In good company:
Rockstar Leeds devs form Double 11, but we don’t know what they’re working on yet.

A casual affair:
Microsoft apparently lining up to buy CrowdStar – one of the bigger names in Facebook game development.

Heavy Rain’s Australian PR team go above and beyond… and then stumble?
The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai devs may have just confirmed a sequel, via detergent.

In a box:
Sonic Classic Collection gets put in a tin – in Australia, at least.

Not just for calls:
iPhone hackers banned from App store – that’s the people who find exploits and unlocks, not necessarily those who use them.
Activision co-founder launches new iPhone studio, keep an eye out for AppStar Games.
Modern War-pedia for iPhone shows you the best (and worst!) places to hide on every map in Modern Warfare 2. Cheating? Resource? Your call.
Noby Noby Boy’s iPhone release demonstrated with puppets, as all good games should be. More at Famitsu.
Emberwind confirmed from TimeTrap Games, for gremlin-smacking on the run.
Rise of the Triad is out now (surprise!), and the developer is already working on a free upgrade.

Developmentally Challenged:
Final Fantasy XIII devs chat about all sorts of things – mainly about how awesome the game is.
Uncharted 2: Naughty Dog address discontent over new patch.
Super Street Fighter IV dev blog looks at Systems and Character balance, must-read if you’re a systems nerd.
Love developer Eskil Steenberg talks about his new baby MMO – it just gets awesome-er and awesome-er.
Final Fantasy XIII: Why were review scores so bad? …cultural differences, apparently.
Fallen Earth gets a dev diary, outlining the Storyline and Setting features.
Zombie Cow Studios are the focus of the latest Joystiq Indie Pitch
Fallout: New Vegas will take “hundreds of hours” to explore, say Bethesda.
Glory of Heracles is making its way West, and facing a few hurdles.
Bungie go on the record, talking about recent leaks.
Fable 3 will feature pretty serious co-op, so you can bring full characters, weapons and your dog into your friends’ game.
Alan Wake developers chat about DLC, horror, flashlights, the usual.
Command & Conquer devs look at class structure and gameplay in a new video diary.

Electronic Frontiers Australia launch campaign against net filtering – bring on the Open Internet!

MMO to love:
EverQuest II hits ConnectDING goal, chalking up 15,000 fans and handing out station cash and a community pillow fight pillow.
World of Warcraft: Lich King collectible on show at Toy Fair, along with a handful of others.
Star Trek Online’s skill cap is controversial, their Executive Producer explains why it’s there.
World of Warcraft will get more PvP, PvE content pre-Cataclysm, says Blizzard.
Jumpgate Evolution: nearing release? Hints from their forums suggest this might be the case.

Mass Effect 2 had a major Silverlight ad campaign – how did it fare?

R for Racing:
Sonic + SEGA All-Stars Racing has caused one good thing already – this Ryo Hazuki forklift figurine.

Cheap Thrills:
The Spirit Engine 2: a little indie side-scrolling RPG, for free!

Mark your calendars:
LOVE will be released on March 25th – that’s the odd little MMO/art project, not the emotion.
Assassin’s Creed II: Bonfire of the Vanities arriving this week on PSN / XBLA.

Star Fox making a comeback? …well, kinda.
DS2, this year? Apparently it contains motion controls and is already in the Pokemon devs’ hands.
Drama Engine: Facial motion capture software from Sega? New trademark says: “Maybe”.
Prince of Persia: Classic hidden in Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands? …thanks, British Board of Film Classification!

Torment – developed by FluidPlay, an off-shoot of RTS-oriented gaming site
Blade and Soul confirmed for Xbox 360/PS3 in 2011.
World of Tanks – must be awesome with a title like that.

Half-Life 2 mod: Human Error – join Civil Protection and stop the Xenians from finding peace.
Modern Warfare 2, on PS3.
King Arthur – the Role-playing Wargame, fixing a bunch of stuff.


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