Nintendo black boxes Japanese mature content

Japanese Black Box Art for Zengeki no Reginleiv

Zengeki no Reginleiv's black box

While the debate rages in Australia about whether or not an R18+ rating for computer games should be introduced into the country, it’s interesting to see how other countries are treating their mature-audience games.

Nintendo are taking a new initiative towards mature titles released for the Wii in Japan, setting out explicitly to avoid consumer confusion. Even over there, the Wii is seen as being a kids’ platform, but there have been some fairly violent games released for the motion-sensing console, such as new release Zengeki no Reginleiv and Sega‘s MadWorld.

These two games, given a mature rating from the Japanese CERO (Zengeki no Reginleiv is rated 17+ and MadWorld is 18+), are the first to be sold in black DVD cases, reflecting their more adult content.

The program is making it easier for consumers to differentiate between family titles and the more grown-up releases, just by browsing the boxes on the shelves.

At this stage, it is unknown whether or not Nintendo will take this project outside of Japan, but it looks like something easily adapted to across various markets. And why should Japan get the cool cases all to themselves?

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