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A casual affair:
FIFA Online is already known as ‘Fifa Farmville’ as EA dip their toes in the Facebook game pool.
Shutter Island is a hidden-object adventure based on the upcoming movie.

Vote early, vote often:
Alan Wake for PC Petition (sure, it’s not a poll, but it has more than 15,000 signatures on it).

Fable III to feature not just a new continent, but a new race as well.

Not just for calls:
Resident Evil 4 Mobile Edition for Beginners has arrived, and it does just what it says, for those who may have missed that bandwagon.
Street Fighter IV also comes to the handheld. You read that right.

Compete amongst yourselves:
Metal Gear Online 6-on-6 tournament announced

In development:
Crackdown 2 meant to include an all-new game mode, but it’s been relegated to perhaps appear in later iterations.
Inazuma Eleven 3 is on its way from Level 5, in case you needed more soccer RPGs in your life.
Crysis 2 reveals a whole stack of details, including setting: “It’ll be a New York City like none in games or cinema.”
Dragon Age: Origins Awakening FAQ reveals all sorts of bits and pieces.
Halo: Reach is getting some new previews around the place.
David Jaffe’s new game will ‘make you feel like SNES did’ – we’re hoping he doesn’t mean pixelated.
LA Noire to feature television Survivor, with Jessica “Sugar” Kiper confirmed as voice talent.

Aa Mujou Setsuna to be released in Australia (and the rest of the world?) as Metal Torrent.

Music in Games:
Mass Effect 2 meets rap with Kabuto the Python – Those Mineralsinstrumental version also available.
Castlevania: original composer not “notable” enough for Wikipedia, but she’s still pretty special in our books. (Wiki discussion has more.)
Mario Kart Love Song – as interpreted by Theremin and Ukulele (as you do.) The original is also very cute.

And the winner is…
Bohemia Interactive announce their Community Awards for 2009

Case modders take note: How to take better photographs of your handiwork (no more grainy, out-of-focus shots, please!)

Console yourselves:
FirstPlay is the UK answer to America’s Qore – an “interactive magazine” for the PlayStation Network.
PlayStation 3: Motion controller is “challenging” for core gamers, and will appeal to their casual brethren as well.
Natal will have a five year lifespan, analysts predict.
Nintendo will not planning DSi to DSi XL data transfer – your DSiWare titles will be on one, or the other.
Sony: Are they becoming a one-platform game company? Some pretty in-depth analysis from Gamasutra.
Natal support coming for a “large franchise” – to be developed in MS home, Redmond.

R for Racing:
Need for Speed Shift: Exclusive Ferrari DLC hands-on… vroom!

In good company:
EA distribution business is still a ‘high priority’, despite scaling back operations.
Ubisoft plan to release their franchise titles every 12-18 months, they say.

MMO to love:
World of Warcraft: No more Australian mirrors for the trial client – so if you want to get into the MMO, you’ll have to use their downloader and eat up all your bandwidth. (We hear patches are still Aus-hosting friendly, though.)
Star Trek Online: Cryptic wants to open up ships to players.
World of Warcraft: Why trial account restrictions may explain low retention rates – which makes sense, if you think about it.
Warhammer Online unveils their new Scenario structure, after people complained (a lot) about the old one.
Runes of Magic are giving away €1,000 EUR to six lucky gamers.
Star Trek Online: Gamers set the record – the largest gathering of Star Trek fans dressed in character, to promote the game’s launch.
The eight best free-to-play MMOs, in case you were curious.
World of Warcraft: Five Years In …a retrospective.

Looking Good:
Pokemon: Generation 5 official artwork released – meet Zorua and Zoroark!
Skate 3 has a new setting – Port Calverton
Splinter Cell: Conviction mansion level trailer – it’s the same setting as we saw at last year’s E3, but with a twist.
The Secret World: Kingsmouth Trailer is pieced together through “CCTV” cameras dotted around the game town.
Sengoku Basara 3 screens look “a little different”, showing off Sengoku Drama Emaki mode.

Silver screen:
Halo Legends comes to Australia from March 3rd, thanks to Madman Entertainment.

Dear Diary:
Endless Ocean: The Journal Aquatic is “Jean Cousteau”‘s adventures through the game.

Politically speaking:
Australian Classification Board rep chats to AustralianGamer
ESA supports new intellectual property task force – a big move from the trade group representing the American games industry.

Playing Nasty:
Interzone respond to last week’s ‘playing nasty’ claims – but their offices are still off-limits to their employees.

Developmentally Challenged:
Zombie Game Experiment creator speaks out about his undead public game development project.
Alan Wake: new interview revisits the “no-PC” stance, and discusses the lengthy development period.
Final Fantasy XIII: no plans for DLC – hopefully ending the will they / won’t they rumours.
Alan Wake developer Matias Myllyrinne talks about episodic gaming, digital distribution and their high-profile competition.
Solium Infernum developer chats about his desire to “make games that drive away 90 percent of the player base out there.”

Sweet Tweets:
Borderlands and Splinter Cell in line for action figures from NECA, which is kinda awesome.
Peter Molyneux has ‘learned his lesson’ about overpromising, but…
Fable 3 will have a new magic system where you can ‘weave’ magic.
Kojima Productions have just started using Twitter – they post in Japanese, but also include a bunch of pictures.

Gas Powered Games announces Kings and Castles, a new RTS for PC and those pesky “next-gen consoles”.
Spellforce 2: Faith in Destiny, given that they failed to deliver last time they announced it.
Fullmetal Alchemist RPG – finally! – but only in Japan (at this point).
Project Runway coming to the PC.
“Black” developer working on new FPS for Codemasters.

A Boy and His Blob: What did they do well? What could they have done better?
Borderlands: Behind the scenes …does what it says on the tin.

Cheap Thrills:
Star Wars: Galaxies 50% off on Steam
Battlefield 1943 is Xbox Live’s Deal of the Week

StarCraft II Beta FAQ, which nobody can find from any official Blizzard source.

Section 8 is still coming to PS3 “at some point”.

Garry’s Mod, fixing a handful of crashes.


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