Barbie is a nerd.

She might be blonde, but she’s not dumb: Barbie will soon become a computer engineer, thanks to the votes of half a million Barbie fans (and a whole bunch of people who just thought the idea would be cool).

This was the first time that Mattel had given the general public the opportunity to vote for Barbie’s career – they were asked to choose between surgeon, news anchor, architect, environmentalist and computer engineer.

Apparently, the “Girls Vote” said that Barbie should become a news anchor, which was chosen to be Barbie’s 125th career.

Computer Engineer Barbie

Computer Engineer Barbie

The poll went viral, with computer fans everywhere voting for the sake of voting – and Mattel were generous enough to give Barbie a second new job, and thus, Computer Engineer Barbie was born.

We hear that the newest plastic geek will still be pretty stylin’, in her own special way: blonde hair, abnormal proportions, inability to stand on her own… this time arriving with a new smartphone (plus Bluetooth headset), a bright pink laptop and a pair of tiny glasses (for late-night coding sessions, they say). That shirt she’s wearing is also patterned with – you guessed it – binary code.

Girl computer nerds will likely arc up a bit about all this “pink”, but Mattel are quick to explain that they had the National Academy of Engineering and the Society of Women Engineers on hand for help with accessory choices.

Don’t write this one off as a cheesy gimmick – anything that gets girls interested in computers, programming (and, by definition, games development) has to be a good thing, even if it comes from a source generally seen to give bad advice. Both Computer Engineer Barbie and News Anchor Barbie will soon be available for pre-order at the

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