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The new series of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s show for gamers, by gamers kicks off on free-to-air television tonight, the start of its sixth season. We get the lowdown from series producer Syd, about what’s going in tonight’s show.

The hosts of Good Game

Good Game hosts - Bajo and Hex

Belated New Years, Australia Day, and St. Valentine’s Day greetings to everyone.

Good Game is back! The explosive sixth season of the multi-award-winning series made by gamers, for gamers is back on the air, and right out of the gate we’re confronting the big issues.

Starting with censorship! Michael Atkinson is now a household name among gamers, thanks to his staunch opposition to an R18+ rating for games in Australia. We travelled to remote Adelaide to talk to the man himself, and find out just why he’s so fighting mad.

We look at the other side of the story, too. Should adult gamers be able to buy R18+ games? It’s a complicated issue!
…or is it?

We also kick off the year with some blockbuster reviews. In BioShock 2, we return to the dystopian undersea world of Rapture. Only this time, there’s a twist – you play as one of the terrifying Big Daddies.

We also blast off into a new universe of titillating excitement in Mass Effect 2. This sci-fi, spacefaring sequel features streamlined combat, and more nookie than ever. Maybe Atkinson’s on to something?

You’ll also get to see what games we’ve been playing over the break, the incredible creations of Mr. Gamerccino, plus a few new surprises.

Good Game returns to ABC 2 at 8:30 on Monday 15th Feb.

You can download/stream any episode at or from the ABC’s catch-up service iView.
Enjoy the show!

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