The Pron Stash

Music in Games:
CoLD SToRAGE – an interview with the man behind some great electronic gaming soundtracks.
Overgrowth keep adding to their soundtrack playlist, this one’s really nice.
Dragon Quest IX gets another live concert, plus a Symphonic Suite CD.

Fable III will have something like Pub Games, Molyneux says it will be “cute”.

MMO to love:
WoW Trading Card Game parting ways with Upper Deck – but Blizzard assure us it’s not going away forever.
EVE Online’s 8th annual Alliance Tournament is coming in June.
The Secret World: new interview gets a bit thinky – “We’re doing something really cool that we’re not revealing yet. Have you read The Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan?”
Atlantica Online is love-struck for most of February.
Myst Online newbies rejoice! We have a helpful introduction for you.
Second Life: Tateru Nino speaks about the “vigilante side” of intellectual property rights.
Kung Foo! Rebooting closed beta! Exclamation mark!
Faunasphere lets you fight smog. With dogs. (What else?)

Not just for calls:
Beneath a Steel Sky: Remastered is reviewed, quite favourably.
iPhone app development ‘surges’ due to iPad announcement – actually reversing an upward trend in Android devs.

Console Yourselves:
Wii core games continue to struggle, with analysts looking at the Wii Fit craze.

A little light reading:
Mass Effect 2 comics selling out. Like some sort of warm baked treat, I imagine.

Final Fantasy XIII “comparison” screens being updated.

An Apple a day:
Mac gamer seeking Mac games for fun and companionship.
Tales of Monkey Island gets a Mac demo for those who can’t commit to the full game.

Looking good:
God of War III: Chaos Will Rise trailer is looking predictably intense.
Dead Rising 2 weapons include Knife Gloves, PaddleSaws and …Dildos (Why would we make this up?)
Majin: The Fallen Realm is super-huggable (Japanese link, English adaptation).
Age of Conan: Rise of the Godslayer has some scary wolf mounts.

Silver Screen:
Halo Legends: Premiere report – A UK correspondent watches seven stories from the Halo universe, tries to like them.

Good catch:
NES with five games sells for US$13,105. One of those games is the reason.

Developmentally Challenged:
Mass Effect 2: The birth of Thane – four pages of character development, right there.
Street Fighter IV for handhelds? Capcom are thinking about it.
Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg chats about Xbox 1 Live shutdown, Xbox 360 hard drives and Games on Demand (and reminds us that ‘Natal’ is a codename).
Halo: Reach – Bungie’s Creative Director talks about what’s in store.
EVOKE designer Jane McGonigal discusses the fact that Reality Is Broken. Game Designers Must Fix It.
Frozen Synapse is a simultaneous, turn-based strategy game, and the developers like to talk about it.
Alan Wake is not coming to PC, for a ‘bizarre’ reason – it’s not well suited to intimacy?
Garry’s Mod reveals their top 5 reasons why the game crashes – because statistics are fun.
Red Dead Redemption will feature randomly generated events, in addition to all the other usual goodies.
True Crime will benefit from GTA no-show, Activision believe.
Aliens vs. Predator developer chats about Australian game ratings, plus, y’know, the game.

Downloadable Content:
Uncharted 2: Among Thieves gets new maps, skins, trophies…
EA’s new Project Ten Dollar sets out to diminish used game sales, with the power of DLC.

Crossing Over:
3D Dot Game Heroes to feature characters from Classic Dungeon, out soon.

Closed for business:
RedOctane: the original Guitar Hero publisher axed by Activision.
Radical Entertainment: cut in half.

Vote early, vote often:
AusGamers wants to know your game of the year.

Cheap Thrills:
Darksiders owners discover they have a ‘free’ copy of Red Faction Guerrilla, if they kept a certain coupon and live in the US.
Command & Conquer: Tiberian Dawn available free (and so is the original Red Alert, and so is Tiberian Sun (and Firestorm)).

Just Cos(play):
Bayonetta, Pikachu, Japan… do you need more of a reason?

Rounded up:
X10 release announcements, all in a row.
Alan Wake: all the X10 preview coverage, just for you.
Fable III gets the same treatment, because we care.

Yakuza 4 demo in the works, but no timeframe for release.

iPad: Intel’s worst nightmare? …it’s a “proper computer” that doesn’t use their CPU, y’see.

Independent Release:
Boryokudan Rue dev talks to DIYGamer.

In the Headlines:
Church of England describes videogames as “a sewer of gratuitously violent and sexual pornography”. Which is exactly why you play them.

Pro Gaming:
Street Fighter IV: National Japanese Tournament has a few highlights you may like, if you’re into that sort of thing.

In Development:
NIER is full of fishing, farming and riding and is much better than the real world.

Mark your calendar:
GDC to feature Deus Ex 3, Arkham Asylum, Akira Yamaoka.
Resonance of Fate, to hit shelves in North America on March 16th (that’s a week after FFXIII, btw).

Criterion working on a new SSX alongside their latest Need for Speed?
Sonic 4 episodes eventually hitting retail, if the game’s own website is to be interpreted.
Official Xbox Mag will reveal “the shooter that everybody asked for”, but nobody can work out what that is.

Chocolate DOOM, version 1.3.0 – it’s an attempt to recreate the original, “vanilla” DOOM. But it’s more tasty.

Team Fortress 2 / Day of Defeat: Source – they’ll no longer write to your hard drive “too quickly”.
BioShock 2 for PC, introduces bugs, fixes others.
Tropico 3 – you can no longer marry your own great grandparents.


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