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Looking good:
Despite all the fuss over the newest announcement, Splinter Cell: Conviction gets screens, video.
Final Fantasy XIII PS3 and Xbox 360 screens, side-by-side. Always an interesting comparison.
We’re assured the new Dead Rising 2 trailer is “skull-splittingly” good…
We knew it was coming, right? Star Trek Online gets a Borg trailer.

Here’s a lovely round up of all the Halo: Reach news that’s come out in the past few days. It’s “the big banana”, according to VG247.
In other news, ever wondered how Halo has evolved over ten years?

Peter Molyneux says Fable III isn’t an RPG – it’s “more like an action adventure”, apparently. (Check out the developer diary too, if you know what’s good for you.)
Meanwhile, you know how Molyneux was concerned that gamers would be “pissed”? Apparently, Fable III has no HUD. That’s it.

Developmentally Challenged:
Cryptic Studios working with the fans on new GM blog for Champions Online.
We hear that SpawnPoint Studios are working hard on a Project Natal launch title, maybe not the Halo game we were suspecting.
There is optical camouflage in Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, for a very good reason – and it’s not Harry Potter.
Apparently, Heavy Rain developers originally wanted to use motion controls for PlayStation.
Former DICE CEO feels that browser-based games will soon rival home consoles.
Zombies more than just a cheap gimmick in Crackdown 2.
Anpo-san discusses The origin of Desperate Escape in RE5: Gold Edition.

Console yourselves:
Giant Bomb take a look inside the Game Room, checking out the emulators.
Sony think that the PS3 will be in short supply over the coming months – but nobody’s reporting this in reality yet.
While Microsoft have just added a new SKU, they have no plans for 250GB Xbox hard drive outside of bundles.
Analysts claim that $30 million decline in January sales thanks largely to Wii and DS.
Meanwhile, Sony are reporting a “great” 2009.

What about…
Perfect Dark XBLA could get more new maps and weapons, if their executive producer has anything to do with it.
Command & Conquer 4 looks at singleplayer – it’s the end of an era.

Not just for calls:
Popcap believe the iPad will change gaming – but it’ll take around three years and a hardware update before it really impacts.
Call of Duty: World at War: Zombies gets new Verruckt map – new location, new weapons, electro-shock defence, Perks-A-Cola machines and (of course) plenty of Undead.

A Final Fantasy 13 Media Explosion! …featuring screens, launch details and a special video message.
The game itself gets two European special edition bundles, and a free faceplate if you order the 250gb console collection.
Meanwhile, if you prefer Final Fantasy XI, here is some SUPERCUTE for you.
…and then! Final Fantasy iPhone trailer (Japanese edition, of course).

Vote early, vote often:
Which achievement/trophy should be included in the new Prince of Persia? Head over to Facebook and tell ’em.
Likewise, let Telltale Games know which of their games you’d like on a Mac, and you can win your name in the credits. (Meanwhile, all of their games are now dual-platform: if you buy one on PC, you’ll get the Apple version too!)

No surprises:
Mass Effect 2 is now the best-selling January release ever, selling more than 572,000 copies in the US alone in that month.
It was the second most popular game in the US at the start of 2010.
…despite all that, this year’s game sales are 13 per cent behind 2009’s pace.

MMO to love:
Star Wars: The Old Republic heads to Taris, and shows off some postcards.
As a big “Thank You” for a successful launch, Global Agenda offers free Conquest play until the end of March.
NetEase have been approved: China can experience the Burning Crusade. Finally.
Big changes are on the way for Aion, introducing a new account services page.
Planet Calypso gets a new Community Manager, looks to the future.
…here’s something helpful: IncGamers MMO News Wrap-up.

Viacom seeks refund from Harmonix over Rock Band – seems the music game bubble has burst.

Branching out:
NIS America moving into anime, the Disgaea publishers looking to release Toradora! mid-2010.
(Incidentally, there’s a new Disgaea coming to PS3, too!)

In Development:
Obsidian Games working on Wheel of Time game, sure to please book nerds around the globe.
A bit of snooping around has revealed SEC filing by Interplay revealing Descent, Earthworm Jim, Dark Alliance and MDK – are we in for some major revivals?
An awesome little deal: THQ has signed a partnership with Syfy, to develop new IP and bring THQ franchises into other mediums. Step one: de Blob.

An updated Aliens vs. Predator demo for PS3 has arrived.

Silver screen:
Darkest of Days to be adapted into a film, with screenwriters from The Rock / Double Jeopardy at the helm.

Girls Gone Wild:
…in Super Street Fighter IV, of course.

Under the Sea:
A look at the BioShock 2 midnight launch in San Francisco (where else?).

Gamer Gifts:
Tetris Gems are actually the official Tetris jewellery, and are surprisingly tasteful for the most part.
…if they’re too pricey, however, how about these DIY Valve Valentines, with a Left 4 Dead theme? (PDF Link)

Metal Gear Solid for – screenshots revealed.

Who is the winner?
Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime bragged that New Super Mario Bros. Wii would outsell Modern Warfare 2 on a single system. The results are in, and kinda surprising.

Is gaming the future of advertising? Microsoft seem to think so.

Always fun:
Comparing MMO avatars to their real-world counterparts.

Mark your calendars:
Indie ninja / robot / thing Plain Sight to be released March 22 via a whole swag of online retailers.
Mega Man 10 arriving in March, with a whole bunch of special weapons included.
Torchlight to see retail release “by end of March”.
Microsoft claim that Crackdown 2 will not be released in June, but we’re not sure we believe them.
The wait will be over for Splinter Cell: Conviction in April, in all regions.
Dead Rising 2 to infect stores in late August.
The annual “Xbox Summer of Arcade” has a spinoff: Block Party, which will introduce Toy Soldiers, Game Room, Perfect Dark and Scrap Metal.

Modern Warfare 2 DLC arriving in April? …so says a “reliable source”.

Alan Wake for PC, confirmed just hours after the Xbox 360 announcement filled us with hope.
Trine on Xbox 360, it’s “out of the developer’s hands”.

Pirates, Vikings and Knights II – everybody’s favourite Source MOD.

Modern Warfare 2 on Xbox 360, PC coming “soon”.
Mabinogi gets new Alchemist update.
Toki Tori. Yep, again.


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