World of Warcraft gets real-world vanity pets

…I know we already spoke about World of Warcraft less than twelve hours ago (did you know Cataclysm is being released in 2010?!), but I just couldn’t resist.

So many people laughed when Blizzard introduced vanity pets – $10 for an in-game object without any real use, other than looking cool?

Well, It seems that your in-game pets may no longer just be a collection of pixels, with the announcement of new plush creatures arriving in the Blizzard Store in the coming weeks.

World of Warcraft plush pets

Horde or Alliance - your choice

Each toy, while pretty awesome by itself, also comes with a code to unlock an in-game WoW version of the pet. Starting with the cuddly-looking Gryphon and very scary Wind Rider Cub, I’d expect there to be more on the way.

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