The Pron Stash: Feb 11, 2010

From the headlines:
Polish website reports: Scandal. In the game Bioshock 2, children are used and murdered. Little girls like dogs looking for drugs for their masters

In good company:
We found a PDF containing the Ubisoft Q3 sales report, which includes some predictions for Q4. Assassin’s Creed 2 Multiplayer on iPhone?
It also reveals the beginning of the end, with Imagine Town bringing Imagine games online.
EA to move away from distributing third-party titles like Left 4 Dead, Rock Band, etc.

Console yourself:
Splinter Cell: Conviction is still only for PC/Xbox 360 (they just like to rub it in).
We all know that it didn’t do so well on Wii, but will Dead Space Extraction arrive on PSN / XBLA?
Final Fantasy XIII Xbox 360 Bundle revealed for North America, too.
First Look: Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition’s final two characters – Barry Burton and Rebecca Chambers, both supporting characters in the original RE!
Find out just why Xbox 360 gamers don’t want MAG.
Brits will get a very shiny Premium Edition of Yakuza 3, not sure about other PAL regions.
Capcom will not reprint Phoenix Wright, aww.
Ever wondered why console exclusivity is good? Tim McDonald explains.

Sequel Speak:
Demon’s Souls sequel hinted at in new Dengeki podcast.
Are EA working on Fight Night 5 for 2011?

Heavy Rain Demo due this week, featuring two chapters from the game.

What’d he say?
Mark Rein from Epic Games believes that Mobiles will soon match console power” – specifically Nvidia’s new Tegra 2 system-on-a-chip

All a bit PC:
Bucking the trend, Battlefield: Bad Company 2 will have dedicated servers, and a remote administration interface.

Block block block:
As if there weren’t enough, we hear that Tetris Party Live is coming to DSiWare.

A bit sporty:
EA tackling online pikers in FIFA 11, setting up penalties for ragequitting.
It’s a little way off now, but Mass Effect 2 predicts the result of SuperBowl 2185.

Bear McCreary – that’s all I should have to say: Dark Void and Dark Void Zero soundtracks available through iTunes, Amazon, other good places.

MMO to love:
All sorts of new stuff for City of Heroes with Issue 17 looming.
Rejoice! The Doll Festival is returning to Final Fantasy XI!
Free EverQuest II: Battlegrounds Update to arrive alongside ‘Sentinel’s Fate’ Expansion, yep, uh huh.
Champions Online expansion Revelation will be free, and brings with it a pile of other stuff.

Mad Catz may be working on a Super Street Fighter IV joystick
Five tips to avoid colourful lights of death on your console – interesting.

In case you missed it:
The big Ubisoft announcement we were hanging out for was Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, which is also coming to Wii, PSP and DS as well as the majors.

Red Dead Redemption takes on NYC, thanks to Rockstar Games and a lot of paint.

Other things to do:
G4TV have compiled the Top 7 Video Games for fans of Lost.
The final Cult of Rapture exclusive Voices from BioShock 2 includes three very different diaries for your listening pleasure.
On a similar note, Rapture Radio played some rockin’ tunes for New Years Eve 1959, before being taken off the air and broadcasting an emergency message.

Can’t please ’em all:
We told you yesterday about the Female monk for Diablo III – it seems she’s sparked some adolescent controversy over her short hair and lack of large breasts. I can’t help but laugh.

If you’d like to spend your Valentine’s Day with your one true love – video games – why not check out the Love Plus bundle from Konami?

Not just for calls:
3d pinball for the Mac, using iPhone flippers coming from Gameprom. (You read that right.)
Inspired by Zelda, Japanese iPhone title Across Age sets out to rekindle the “Golden 16-Bit Era”.

We love a good fisting:
Fist of the North Star comes with Talking Clock, if you pick up the special “treasure box” edition. In Japan.

Developmentally speaking:
Budding scriptwriters, check out the second instalment of Making of R.U.S.E. for some tips.

What’s in a name?
Holy Invasion of Privacy, Badman is now called What Did I Do to Deserve This, My Lord, following the conflicting-IP lawsuit.
Sonic 4 already exists… and hackers have created all the way up to Sonic 7.

Mark your Calendar:
We found one last dev diary to mark the fact that Dante’s Inferno has been launched.
If you’re heading to San Francisco next month, GamesBeat@GDC Confirms OnLive, GameStop, PlayStation Home Speakers – some good stuff there.
…and LA in June will see E3 boasting more than 120 exhibitors.

Big N:
Wii injury reports are growing in severity – you’d think people would have learned by now.
Maybe they’ll talk about that at the Nintendo Media Summit, on Feb 24th.

Analyse this:
Game industry to grow 6% in 2010, world domination can’t be far off.

R for Racing:
OXCGN reports that the Nurburgring GP Tracks for Forza 3 are a bit of a dud.

Well, that’s interesting:
A very creative take on why Steam prices vary wildly between countries.

Want to try out a platformer, using a guitar controller? Take a look at Fret Nice.

Downloadable Content:
Those Special Edition Aliens vs. Predator DLC maps will be openly available “soon after release”.

This year’s BAFTA GAME Awards have opened – get voting!

Cheap Thrills:
BioShock 2 coupon for Play-Asia.

Darwinia+ is on Xbox Live Arcade. Excuse me for a little while…

Garry’s Mod, to fix a couple of things.
Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter, now in Russian.
Toki Tori, with some minor bug fixes.
HL2 mod Exterminatus, set in the Warhammer 40K universe.


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