LEGO Universe accepting Beta signups

LEGO Universe - Beta Success

Successful sign-up!

Good news, everybody!
It seems that everybody’s favourite upcoming block-building MMO, LEGO Universe, will be entering beta testing real soon now.

Developer NetDevil have revealed that they’re getting close to the final stages of development, and are looking for beta testers to get their hands dirty squishing bugs.

If you want the opportunity to be among the first people in the world to play LEGO Universe, finding bugs and offering your input on how the game should work, it’s a simple matter of heading to the LEGO Universe website. There you’ll need to set up a free LEGO ID (if you don’t have one already), and answer a (very simple) question or two.

After that, you’ll receive an emailed registration confirmation, and the waiting game begins!

…we have no idea quite when the beta will actually kick off, but we’re hearing rumours that it’s somehow linked to the Great Minifig Mission which is currently sending minifigs into LEGO Universe to battle the evil Maelstrom. (Mission 5 has just opened!)

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