Mass Effect load times a thing of the past with MassAffinity v0.2

MassAffinity sets out to fix an annoying processor issue in the PC version of Mass Effect 2. Released just a few days ago, it’s already been upgraded to v0.2, due to popular demand.

We’re assured that the functionality remains the same, so if it’s all working fine for you, no need to bother with the update – but if you’d like some additional bits and pieces, the ability to change the name of the executable, that sort of thing – then it’s just a quick download for you.

Several requests for improvements prompted me to update the app to v0.2. Here’s a list of what’s new:

  • Allows you to use an executable name other than the default (for those who have renamed MassEffect2.exe to enable anti-aliasing);
  • Automatically detects your ME2 path via the registry;
  • Shuts down immediately if ME2 is closed before MassAffinity can apply the fix (previously it would wait ten seconds);
  • Added some graphics. Okay… one graphic;
  • Added a “Help” button.

Artist's impression of how MassAffinity works

Thanks again to Logan at Playwrite for spotting a niche market and jumping right in. If you appreciate his work, and you’re fond of zombies, why not check out Zafehouse or Zafehouse 2?

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