The Pron Stash: Feb 09, 2010

Here we go again…
Mass Effect 2 saves “may not work” with Part 3. To put it simply, “Dead is dead”. Go figure.

MMO to love:
What Jumpgate Evolution can learn from Sci-Fi Games (take notes).
Everybody can benefit from these five tips on being a better agent in Global Agenda.
In case there’s anybody still playing, in-game event Night of Murder announced for Warhammer Online.
Banned-in-Australia game CrimeCraft may have less than 10,000 users. Ouch.
Also ouch: Interview with a professional scammer – while long, contains some fascinating stuff (text-only highlights).

First-Person Shooters:
Epic Games + People Can Fly = due 2011. You should care, because People Can Fly developed the original Painkiller, and Epic Games are just awesome.
This new Epic release might be called Bulletstorm, but it might not.
“Dudebro™ – My Shit Is Fucked Up So I Got to Shoot/Slice You II: It’s Straight-Up Dawg Time” is coming to PC, thanks to NeoGAF forumites with too much time on their hands. More details on the game here.
We get some pictures and details of the new Shattered Horizon expansion, Moonbase.

Check your calendar:
Geoff Keighley from Spike TV may have let the cat out of the bag: LA Noire due in September?
Undead gardening cult hit, Plants vs. Zombies launches on iPhone February 15th. And there’s a new launch trailer for that, too.
Xbox LIVE will see big Ubisoft announcement, says @UbiKimi.
Fire up your Xbox 360, kids: Darwinia+ arrives this week on XBLA. Finally!

Not just for calls:
Rise of the Triad getting iPhone port. And it’ll feature all 32 levels of the original, yay!

AMD challenging Intel in laptops with Fusion CPU+GPU – we hear it’s “not a CPU” and “not a GPU”, instead some kind of unearthly hybrid known as an “application processor unit” – an APU.

A bit sporty:
Get back in the octagon with UFC Undisputed 2010 details revealed.
EA Sports wants you …to be an EA Sports Game Changer!
Sad news, soccer fans: Championship Manager Online is shutting down in April.

Check out the new Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing Demo + Theme, out now for Xbox 360.

The pros:
SK Gaming and mTw hosting a charity event – 1500 Euros on the line for Hand to Hand, playing CS1.6 and poker.

Not cool, dude:
Someone has leaked the ending of BioShock 2 on YouTube (and no, we’re not telling you where).

Cheap Thrills:
To celebrate “Total War Week”, save 66% on Total War games, packs and DLC through Steam. Limited time only!

Strategically speaking:
Have Ubisoft’s poor financial results put EndWar sequel “on the backburner”?

How SimCity made me fall in love with Jazz. True story – worth reading.

Console yourself:
Final Fantasy XIII on PS3 will run “straight from disc”, with no pesky installs to worry about.
Meanwhile, the European FFXIII 360 box art makes no mention of DLC, unlike its US counterpart.
Title says it all: Here are a few details on PixelJunk Shooter 2.
Dream Chronicles coming to XBLA, PSN – thanks to Hudson. If they sell well, chances are we’ll get the sequels, too.
Someone in Germany sat down and compared the graphics of BioShock 2 on Xbox 360 and PS3. Interesting.

It prints money, y’know:
Shigeru Miyamoto explains that Nintendo is developing new hardware, as well as a bunch of games. We’re all shocked.


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