The Pron Stash: Feb 08, 2010

A little sporty:
While passing the Turing Test may still be just a dream, the Madden NFL simulation predicted the Super Bowl winner. Again. (It’s been right six out of seven times, btw.)
…if that’s not enough, a Facebook version of Madden is in the works.
We can assume that UFC President Dana White won’t play it: he’s just gone on the record stating that Brock Lesner is perfect for the cover of UFC 2010 Undisputed, and that EA Sports sucks.

Be a winner: are giving away Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles and BioShock 2 Game and Prize Packs.
If you miss out there, we’ve received word of an AusGamers BioShock 2 giveaway too.
And then you need a new rig, why not enter to win the Command & Conquer 4 Ultimate PC?

Hands-on hardware:
Ausgamers have reviewed the Nexus One (that’d be the GooglePhone, y’know).

The Modern Warfare 2 Care Package Patch is currently being certified for Xbox 360.
Watch out, Left 4 Dead 2 has introduced zombie bots, as well as making manual spawn the default, upgrading some SDK content, tuning the difficulty at the Mall, and fixing a couple of maps.

Microsoft are investigating disappearing music from Zune Pass, which is affecting the handful of people who don’t have iPods.

MMO to love:
Aion’s latest Eye On Community looks at the results of the fort timer survey, introduces a live status utility, details a couple of bosses, keeps a one-month diary, and looks into “Gliding of Doom”.
Ever wondered how to roleplay a vampire in World of Warcraft? Me either.
Blizzard Community Team member Slorkuz took a moment to explain the thoughts behind the new weekly raid quests in Icecrown Citadel.
Tateru Nino reveals that the Second Life official forums will be removed this week, replaced by “alternative discussion spaces“.
Kirk demanded that Scotty provide more power, Cryptic replied and now Star Trek Online capacity has been increased.
Sign up for the Zodiac Online beta, which kicks off on February 10th.

High fantasy:
Some early scans show that the Final Fantasy XIII box art confirms future DLC, which is good as earlier interviews explained that nearly a whole game’s worth of content was cut.

Mods and rockers:
The insurgency has lost contact with an outpost who are shacked up in an old coastal lighthouse. It’s your job to investigate and find out why, in the freshly-launched Mission Impropable.

A casual affair:
Just what you never knew you wanted: Brave Arms is the world’s first social shooter, an FPS which will operate through Facebook. Beta kicks off soon.

Console yourselves:
The Just Cause demo is confirmed for PC, you won’t miss out. We just don’t know when.

Legal eagles:
The Lawsuit against Midway Games has been dropped, with the judge ruling that Sumner Redstone and former Midway directors “didn’t breach their duties to stakeholders or engage in fraudulent transfers of the firm’s assets.”


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