Crackdown 2 gets vandalised with user-created graffiti

Craig Paton Late last year, Ruffian Games asked for your input to the streets of Crackdown 2. Apparently they decided that a graffiti competition would be a bit of a “fun lark”, helping to ward off some winter boredom. However – some 500 artistic entries later, they realised that people took it all a bit seriously.

After a significant delay, the dev team have revealed the winning designs: 42 images from 30 artists, all of which have something special which makes them perfect for Pacific City.

(Apparently, when you give a call-out for artistic projects, there’s a good number of legal hoops to jump through if you want to use that art yourself.)

Ruffian gaz explains:

Our fearless art team are working right now to include the winning entries into the game. Most will appear as part of a number of graffiti montages , they’ll still be individually recognisable but will along side some of the other competition winners. A few select pics will appear singularly in Pacific City. We’ll post some screens as soon as we can 😀

If you want to check out all of the winners, they’re over on the Ruffian forums, but we’ve picked out a few of playerattack‘s favourites for you right here, including Craig Paton‘s agent-inspired piece at the top there:

Nita McCabe Shetland Dayna
Nita McCabe, Shetland, Dayna

irony Fabian Suarez Enrique Rodriguez Jr.
irony, Fabian Suarez, Enrique Rodriguez Jr.

It’s been a great ride and something we will definitely do again in future products. Thank you very much for the excellent response 😀


So there you have it. Something to keep an eye out for when Crackdown 2 launches later this year.

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