Solve Mass Effect 2 long load times with MassAffinity

If you’ve got a dual-core PC and you’ve been playing a bit of Mass Effect 2, you might have noticed there are some pretty severe loading times when you move between decks on the Normandy.

The collective gaming hive-mind worked out that this is an issue with the game’s processor affinity – and you can get around it by setting the game to use one core. That, of course, will then cause issues later in the multi-threaded game, so Logan has come up with a simple solution, in the form of MassAffinity.

Update Feb 9th: MassAffinity is now running v0.2, which adds a few extra bits and pieces.

Download the app, stick it somewhere obvious (like your desktop, he recommends), run it, select your ME2 directory, and select “Run Game”. Once you’ve got that bit set up, just double-click MassAffinity and it’ll automatically start the game for you, after fixing the issue.

MassAffinity Screenshot

Dialogue from MassAffinity

Logan observes that this is a known bug, and it’ll probably be fixed “eventually”, but this is a useful little trick if you want to play it now and don’t want to wait so long between locations.

He also explains:

It should be noted this problem doesn’t affect everyone – it seems to be isolated to people running a certain combination of CPU and operating system. So, if you’re not experience long load times between decks, then this program is not for you.

And that’s it! Download MassAffinity. – if you’ve got questions or feedback about the app, head over to Playwrite to leave comments.

(If you want to change the game directory, load up the “SetupMassAffinity.cmd” file that comes with the app.)

…and any post about Playwrite is incomplete without mentioning Logan’s “little side-projects”, Zafehouse and Zafehouse 2. Check ’em out if you’re into zombies. If you’re not into zombies, there may be something wrong with you.

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