Gamers Helping Haiti via tabletop RPGs

I know you’re all closet pen-and-paper RPG fans, so this bit of news is right up your collective alleys. Online gaming store DriveThruRPG have gotten together and organised a bit of a fundraiser for the earthquake-stricken parts of the world, Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

This is no ordinary fundraiser though, where you chip in a few bucks and get a badge or a piece of paper in return. These guys have assembled the “Gamers Helping Haiti Bundle” – more than $1,000 worth of RPG bits and pieces, for a simple donation of US$20 – all of which goes to Doctors Without Borders to support the post-earthquake relief efforts.

Gamers Help Haiti
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The website itself started its fundraising drive within a day of the disaster, and were apparently inundated with publishers wanting to help support the cause. This bundle is the result – an all-inclusive shared effort between a whole bunch of like-minded people. Honestly, there’s more than a hundred products in this pack, way too many to describe here. Go check out the full list and see if there’s anything that takes your fancy!

Sean Patrick Fannon, Marketing and Communications manager from DriveThruRPG comments:

“We are humbled by the generosity of both our customers and our publishers, all of whom have stepped up at this time of terrible tragedy to offer aid to a desperate people. We are also very proud to facilitate these collective efforts, providing the necessary tools and technology to bring it all together.”

Steve Wieck, President and co-owner of the site continues, explaining that there are options for people who don’t want to fork out the full $20:

“We have always believed in the power of giving and sharing to make the world a better place.

To that end, we are matching funds with everyone who’s making a straight donation at the $5 and $10 level.”

Can I just say: Wow. Good on you, DriveThruRPG, and good on you, gamers! At time of writing, the site has organised donations of $46,315.00 to help Haiti.

If you want to get in on the massive RPG bundle action, be quick. While there’s no set end-date for donations, the bundle will only be around until the end of January.

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