LEGO Universe has a mission for you

The story is this: All of the little LEGO people lying around in toyboxes and bedrooms are all waiting to be reanimated and sent over to the LEGO Universe. Once they get there, the little blockmen will take on the evil Maelstrom and the sinister Darklings, who are trying to defeat Imagination and destroy the Universe!

Now, there is a rip between our universe and the LEGO Universe, and it is up to you to help reanimate the minifigs and send them over to the other side, where they can take part in the battle. They need a million little yellow men and have 72 days to get them. To help out, head to the The Great Minifig Mission and complete the challenges that have been set up. Each time you win, more minifigs are sent to the block side.

LEGO Universe screenshot - Ninjas LEGO Universe screenshot - Pirates LEGO Universe screenshot - Mech
Screenshots from the upcoming LEGO Universe

…just between you and me, I can’t help but see a slight flaw in their plan, or perhaps in their calculator. The timeframe for this operation is 72 days, and the aim is to send 1 million blockmen.

It’s been running for a couple of days now, and the counter says that already, 1,499,461 minifigs and counting have entered the Universe. Either I’m reading it wrong, or it took a mere two days for them to reach their target.

So, maybe the pressure’s off and there are enough minifigs to save the Universe… it’s still a fun little collection of games, with more being unlocked as the countdown to the rip closure continues.

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