Cheap Thrills: Happy Australia Day with Train Conductor

Train Conductor Logo Local developers The Voxel Agents would like to wish everybody, all over the world, a Happy Australia Day!

To celebrate the holiday properly, they’re suggesting you should pick up Australia’s #2 iPhone strategy game – Train Conductor – for just US$0.99. The special deal kicks off today, and will run for one week only!

As if this deal wasn’t great enough, the lovely Voxel Agents have just announced that all profits from this sale will be donated to the Haiti Earthquake Appeal. So you get a brilliant little game for your phone, plus the warm fuzzy feeling that your purchase is doing a bit to change the world.

As they say, Train Conductor is taking the world by steam, finding itself in the top 100 of All Games in the 24 countries it has been released in, as well as the Top 25 Strategy Games in China, Japan, Italy, Germany, France, the UK, and a bunch of others. Keep in mind, that’s all in less than a month after its original launch!

Train Conductor Screenshot - Alice Springs Train Conductor Screenshot - Cairns (Night) Train Conductor Screenshot - Cairns (Day)

But what is Train Conductor, and why is it worth your dollar?

Well, it’s got fast-paced gameplay, a pretty awesome art direction, a complex and well-rounded scoring scheme, and even a parallel ghost world for some spooky excitement.

I’ll let the video do the talking:

(Of course, like all the best iPhone games, it’s super-addictive, too!)

On the surface, it’s a pretty simple premise, send each train to the appropriately-numbered track and avoid collisions. As you progress, unique challenges appear – there are eight unique levels, boasting challenges such as broken tracks, long-haul Gold Rush trains, and who could forget the ghost world, where the trains don’t actually crash!

It’s fun enough even playing against your personal best, but don’t ignore the online leaderboards – can you be the best Train Conductor?

For just US$0.99 (AU$1.19) all this week (iTunes link), you’ve got no excuse not to find out.

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