An invitation to join the Alien Breed Evolution closed PC beta

Alien Breed Evolution I’ve just heard from Team17 that they’re about to kick off a limited closed beta program for the PC release of Alien Breed Evolution. The Xbox 360 version is out now, but the developers want to spend a bit more time tweaking the PC copy, hence the beta which will focus on hardware compatibility and network performance.

Due to start within the next two weeks, the beta version will feature the single-player trial level, as well as the first multiplayer co-op level to be played online with a friend (or an enemy, if you go in for that sort of thing). We’ve got all the details on how to get yourself signed up.

The process is actually pretty simple – there’s an application form (*.doc) to download and fill out, then send back in to

So they have a better idea of what your PC is like, attach a DirectX diagnostic report to your email too – if you don’t have a DxDiag report attached, you won’t be considered!

Here’s how to get one:

To obtain a DxDiag report, click Start, and select the menu item Run. Type DxDiag.exe and click Ok when the window appears. The report can then be obtained by selecting Save All Information, and can be attached to the email as a text file.

Next, to be able to communicate back and forth with the devs and take part in the beta forum, you’ll need to register for a Team17 forum account. Again – if you don’t include your username in your application, you will not be considered.

Finally, all of this will take place over Steam, so you’ll need to have a current Steam account and the Steam client installed. Team17 will use the digital distribution platform to provide you with the beta client, as well as updating the game on the fly.

Alien Breed Evolution Screenshot

The game in question

So – what are you waiting for? We had a chance to check out Alien Breed Evolution at last year’s GDC, and it looked pretty awesome then, so after 9 months polish it should be something kinda cool. It’s also the first time I’ve seen the Unreal Engine being used as part of a top-down shooter, and for that alone it’s totally worth checking out.

Fine Print: Caveat

Please remember that the game is in a pre-release state which has not been optimised for all systems, and will in no way reflect the quality of the final released product. Participants will be required to agree to an NDA preventing the discussion of the game until after the beta programme has ended. The beta programme will be active for a limited period only and Team17 has the right to withdraw the beta programme at any time without explanation.

All personal information collected by Team17 during the beta programme will be stored locally, used only for the purposes of conducting the beta programme and will not be disclosed to any third parties.

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