Zynga announces fundraiser for Haiti

Casual games company Zynga have just announced that they will donate a chunk of money to support emergency aid in Haiti, if you buy certain things in their uber-popular Facebook games.

Now – if you’re on Facebook, chances are your news feed is clogged by details about your cousin buying a cow in FarmVille, your neighbour finishing a ‘job’ in Mafia Wars or your old mate from high school winning big in Zynga Poker.

It’s those three games that will help contribute to the World Food Program’s effort in earthquake-stricken Haiti, through the purchase of special limited-edition in-game items.

Before you say that it won’t make a difference, Zynga gamers have already contributed US$1.2 million to the aid effort.

Zynga CEO Mark Pincus explains:

“The devastation in Haiti is unimaginable, and anything we or our users can do is tiny compared to the utter loss for this nation.”

Mafia Wars Logo Zynga Poker Logo FarmVille Logo

So – next time you log in to Zynga Poker, check out the special chip package and rare premium item; Mafia Wars users, make sure you pick up the Haitian drum, and I’ll be checking out the non-withering white corn on offer in FarmVille.

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