StarCraft inspires Swedish metalheads to rock out

When you love your music almost as much as you love your gaming, it makes sense to combine the two. I’m guessing that’s the mentality being employed by Swedish metal band Avatar, who launched their new, self-titled album late last year.

Sure, there’s plenty of Swedish metal bands out there, but how many do you know who sing about StarCraft?

The opening track on the new album is the epic Queen of Blades, and it seems that this has Blizzard‘s amazement, if not approval.

The Queen of Blades is, of course, the major “bad guy” in the StarCraft universe (featuring in both the games and the novels), who started life as the unassuming Terran psychic Sarah Kerrigan. Trained as an expert espionage agent (and a handy assassin), she quickly moved through the Terran ranks to become second-in-command under Arcturus Mengsk.

Then she was captured and infested by the insect-like Zerg. Now a human/Zerg hybrid, she was under the control of the community hive-mind, until she decided she’d had enough of that, and set out to take over the entire galaxy.

StarCraft - Sarah Kerrigan Statue

...the Queen of Blades herself.

A quick look at the band’s MySpace suggests they’re not just casual gamers, either – don’t those lineup images look reminiscent of concept art from a certain beloved publisher?

Now, if you want more Avatar, the band’s self-titled album is available now through their online store – if you get in quick, they’ve even got some signed copies on offer. If the rest of the album is on par with the opening track, this could be a pretty nifty little soundtrack to some late night RTS, if you’re into that sort of thing.

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