Job Search: Biotic-Powered Super-Soldier

Biotic-Powered Super-Soldier advertisement Now, we don’t normally advertise jobs here on playerattack, but today I think I might make an exception, because I’m sure the ideal candidate is one of you.

The position being advertised is a Biotic-Powered Super-Soldier, working for a leading galactic organisation, Cerberus. They claim to be “devoted to human survival at any cost”. Following a handful of human colonies completely disappearing, Cerberus is looking for some new staff to join their elite assassin squad and take on the fight for mankind.

“This is a short-term contract to kill or be killed.”

Want to know more? The official job ad has now been pulled, but if you want to check up on what the key responsibilities, required experience and a job description are for this type of position, we’ve got all the details in this handy dandy screenshot: Biotic-Powered Super-Soldier Job.

…and, in case you were wondering, this role does include company weapons and tax benefits.
Let us know if you apply!

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