EVOKE needs you – want to change the world?

Jane McGonigal, over at Avant Game, has put the call out for five game assistants to help run “a 10-week crash course in changing the world”.

On paper, it’s a project for the World Bank Institute – the learning and knowledge arm of the World Bank. In the real world, it’s all part of the new alternate reality game EVOKE.


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EVOKE aims to come up with “creative solutions” to some of the biggest problems facing the world today: climate change, education, war and oppression, hunger, poverty, disease, and water access. In the process, the game will also be empowering young people all over the planet (with a particular focus on Africa). Not bad, huh!

The game will run for ten weeks, with a new quest and new mission each week. If you play along and complete all ten, you’ll receive the honour of World Bank Institute Certified Social Innovator – Class of 2010; there’s also a handful of mentorships up for grabs, the opportunity to work (and network) with some of the top social innovators and business leaders from around the globe.

To play, you can follow @evokenet on Twitter, or send off an email to evokenet@gmail.com to be updated when it all kicks off in March.

If this sounds like something you’d like to be a part of – and yes, the opportunity’s open to everybody regardless of your geographic location – then you should pop over to check out Jane’s URGENT EVOKE, which has all the details about work commitments, responsibilities, required skills, and – as a bonus – payment. You’d do it for free though, right? Just for the opportunity to change the world?

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