Sam Raimi quits Spidey – is he focussing on Warcraft?

Sam Raimi It’s all over the news – director Sam Raimi has politely excused himself from the production of upcoming film, Spider-Man 4.

Gamers all over the place put two and two together – Raimi now has more spare time, and he’s also the director onboard for the impending Warcraft film… Obviously, that’s what he’ll be working on next!

But there’s a spanner in the works, shaped a bit like The Given Day, a historical novel adaptation that Raimi agreed to direct back in 2008.

If Raimi chooses to pick up The Given Day (from the author of Shutter Island and Mystic River), then this could actually delay production on the Warcraft film, and upset gamer nerds everywhere.

Warcraft Movie concept art: The World Tree

Warcraft Movie concept art: The World Tree

At this point there’s been no official word from Raimi or Blizzard about the film’s immediate future, but this is something we’ll be keeping a close eye on. After spending some time watching Raimi’s recent television offering Legend of the Seeker, I’m expecting big things from Warcraft.

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