Jack Wall to score Mass Effect 2

Two things I like quite a lot: Books from video games. Music from video games.

I’ve already written about a book today, so it’s only fitting that I address a major announcement from the audio world. If you weren’t already excited enough about the impending release of Mass Effect 2, it has just been confirmed that composer Jack Wall will be penning the original score for the new game, just as he did for the first.

This time around, he’s created almost three hours of orchestral arrangements, underpinning and highlighting the dramatic story arcs as easily as it illustrates and enhances the nail-biting action.

(Possibly my favourite piece from the original Mass Effect soundtrack, Saren.)

Predictably, Dr. Ray Muzyca, co-founder of developers BioWare is “thrilled” to have Mr. Wall on board for the sequel, and Jack himself seems pretty chuffed:

“Working on the Mass Effect franchise has challenged me to create music beyond what I’ve written before.

”With Mass Effect 2, the story is even more engrossing and affecting, so it was important for me, along with my team of composers Sam Hulick, David Kates, Jimmy Hinson, and music implementation by Brian DiDomenico, to develop a score that complemented the scope and intensity of the gameplay while captivating the players and drawing them deeper into the story.”

Yep, that’s right, Sam Hulick will be coming back too (squee!).

Just in case you missed it, the original Mass Effect soundtrack is available through a number of digital download emporiums, including BioWare’s online store, where it is described as being:

“Perfect for the slow evenings at home when you hide in a fort made out of sofa cushions with a lettuce strainer taped to your head and making sweet laser sound effects.”

…you know you want it.

The lingering question is whether or not they can find a closing track as beautiful as M4 (Part II) by Faunts. It may be a challenge.

The soundtrack to the sequel will be available through digital retailers from January 19th, 2010, just before the game is released.

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