Second Life detective is Virtually Dead in this new book

Peter May is a Scottish-born, French-based author, who has been applauded over the years for the depth and dedication of his research. His writing has taken him all over the world – and now it’s dipping into the virtual realms, as well.

For the past two years, residents of Second Life have been able to enlist the services of in-game detective Flick Faulds. While he worked primarily in the virtual realm (with several cases in his ledger), some of his operations took him into the real world as well.

…as I’m sure you’ve gathered, Peter May and Flick Faulds are one and the same, with Flick’s cases forming the background research for May’s latest novel, Virtually Dead, published this month in the US.

Virtually Dead
Poisoned Pen Press, Jan 2010

hard cover ISBN: 1590586700

paperback ISBN: 1590587081

Crime-scene photographer Michael Kapinsky, suffering after the death of his wife, is persuaded to enter the online virtual world of Second Life to participate in a new kind of group therapy. Once there, he discovers a chilling connection between crime scenes he has attended real life, and scenes depicted in the virtual world.

When he uncovers a series of killings and a financial scam that is netting the murderer millions of dollars, Michael finds that both in Second Life and in real life, someone is out to kill him.

This is not the first time that May has become so deeply involved in his characters’ lives – for his six-book China Thrillers saga, he managed to find his way behind the scenes of the Beijing and Shanghai police. For the Enzo Files titles, he took wine tasting so seriously he was actually inducted as a Chevalier of French wines, and just finished a placement with a 3-star Michelin chef. It’s not so surprising that he took this technique into a wholly different world to gather information for Virtually Dead.

Flick Faulds

Flick Faulds

While working as Flick, his international detective agency worked all types of cases, with clients from all walks of life. Some suspected their spouses were cheating, others wanted him to find missing persons. May learned complex surveillance techniques, and picked up a few tricks on how to eavesdrop and tail someone – all of it in-game.

“These cases bring you into very intimate contact with clients and their lives. The private detective is the only person with whom they can discuss their fears. And sometimes the truth is the thing they fear the most. I was unprepared for just how involved I would get. Sometimes you feel you hold people’s lives in your hands.”

Published by Poisoned Pen Press, you can pick up the book from all the usual online bookstores, or go to your local book-selling emporium armed with your preferred ISBN and ask for it – they should be able to get it in for you.

…meanwhile, for a special treat, we have the (wait for it) video trailer for the book, for your viewing pleasure:

Thanks, Tateru, for the headsup!

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