WoW: What an ultimatum

Statue of an Orc from the Warcraft Universe

It's me or him!

News sites around the world are buzzing with headlines like “Woe of Warcraft” and “It’s him orc me”, as mainstream media giggles at the news that a woman has forced her husband to choose between her “and a 6ft-tall green monster”.

But this wasn’t just any green monster – this was Thrall, the Orcish warchief from the Warcraft universe.

The life-sized metal and plastic figure had originally taken pride of place in a local toy store, who went out of business. For the past six years, the giant green creature (who features in both WarCraft 3 and World of Warcraft), had lived quite happily with Robert Cushnie and his wife Dee.

You’d think that after this long, Dee would have learned to live with their Orcish companion, but – apparently – her resentment had been brewing for more than half a decade. When the couple decided to move to Canada, she presented Robert with an ultimatum.

He explains:

“It came down to the wife or the Orc. She said there wasn’t any room for him in our life.”

Dee put forward her side of the story:

“I just don’t like it. I’m only 5ft 3in, so it towers over me, which is quite creepy.”

In a move that is sure to disappoint gamers, Robert chose his wife and their new life in Canada, with Thrall finding a welcoming home in Aberdeen with some friendly grandparents.

Source: The Scottish Sun

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