Gamers4Croydon present: Attorney-General Interview Bingo

Michael Atkinson

Michael Atkinson

2010 still young, and full of promise and possibility – and for Australians, that includes the chance that this year, we might actually be given an R18+ classification for video games!

One of the loudest voices against the matter is South Australian attorney-general Michael Atkinson, who also happens to be one of the few people in a position to be able to prevent any changes from taking place.

David Doe, founder of new political party Gamers4Croydon (a party designed specifically to challenge Atkinson in the upcoming State election), has spent part of his holiday break carefully observing Atkinson at work, listening to interviews and watching videos of the politician speaking about the dangers of video game entertainment.

In his words, “between the fits of apoplectic rage at the blaring injustice of it all”, Doe noticed certain patterns emerging, a handful of phrases and terms that popped up in most, if not all, of the Attorney-General’s public appearances.

…what did he do with this information? He turned it into interactive bingo cards. We are gamers, after all!

And so, without further ado: Attorney-General Interview Bingo, from Gamers4Croydon.

Attorney-General Interview Bingo Card Attorney-General Interview Bingo Card
Attorney-General Interview Bingo Card Attorney-General Interview Bingo Card
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This game can be played while watching tv/YouTube, listening to the radio/webstream, or attending a press-conference covering the topic or being attended by relevant individuals (not that we would condone such an action, however hilarious the results might be).

The cards have been carefully crafted to fit an A5 piece of paper, so printing should be a snap. Next time you and your loved ones are sitting down to an afternoon of watching the Attorney-General speak at various political press conferences, make sure you’ve got these on hand!

For rules and more details about the politics behind it all, pop over to Gamers4Croydon. Tell ’em playerattack sent you.

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