Irukandji – a stinger or a shooter?

Making the news over the New Year break was information that Ben Southall, who won the Best Job in the World promotion last year, had been stung by a potentially deadly irukandji jellyfish. Ben had been enjoying his last few days of looking after a pristine tropical island off the coast of Australia, when he had his first encounter with the teeny-tiny little critter.

The irukandji are roughly the size of an adult fingernail, but pack a serious punch, known as Irukandji syndrome, which can cause headache, nausea and vomiting, extreme pain and even death in severe cases. They’re considered dangerous enough that the government advises everybody in the area to wear a special stinger suit any time they’re in the water.

But how does this relate to video games?
It doesn’t, really. But there’s a nifty little indie game that was released in 2009 that shares its name with the jellyfish, and I figured I’d take a moment to let you know about Irukandji – the shooter, not the stinger.

It’s been developed by Charlie, who is too busy developing things to bother with a last name. If you hang around the indie scene, you may know of his earlier release, Bullet Candy (and 3D remake Bullet Candy Perfect) …or perhaps Space Phallus is more your style?

Irukandji is his newest, and it calls itself a “fun score attack shooter”, which just happens to be set underwater. As you progress through the top-down scrolling stages, you’re faced with hundreds of sea monsters – once you’ve tackled those, the boss battle at the end should be no surprise: a Giant Enemy Crab!

Proving that simple is often the best, you’ve got a handful of different ships to unlock and choose from, 10 achievements, and even an online scoreboard so you can find out if you really are the most awesome crab-hunter.

Sounds pretty good, right?
Well, if you get onto it right away, you can grab a copy of both Irukandji and Bullet Candy Perfect for as little as $1USD. (If you try to be cheap and fork over less than a buck, your money will be refunded.) It’s a perfect deal for you multi-OS types, as you’ll get the games for Windows, Mac and Linux – all for the same price.

…if you’d like to try before you buy, there’s a demo available too, for Windows, Mac and, of course, Linux. Pick your platform, check it out, and if you like it, pay Charlie whatever you think it’s worth!

Jellyfish image thanks to Irukandji

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