BioShock 2 gets a bit cut & paste (& fold!)

Just because you’ve still got a little while to wait before BioShock 2 hits shelves, it doesn’t mean that you can’t start playing with the characters a bit early.

2K Games, together with Bryan Green from Paper Foldables have collaborated to create not one, but five little papercraft creatures from the upcoming game, which means you can print, fold and stick away to create your own Sister (Big or Little, your choice), Toasty, Subject Delta, or Baby Jane.

    All you’ll need:

  • Colour printer
  • Paper or thin cardboard
  • Hobby knife (or scissors, at a pinch)
  • Double-sided tape
  • A bit of free time
  • …and of course, one of these patterns!
Foldable Little Sister Template
Foldable Subject Delta Template
Foldable Big Sister Template
Foldable Baby Jane Template
Foldable Toasty Template

Now, while these are pretty nifty all by themselves, the one thought I had while looking at these creations was that they’d make fabulous festive ornaments. Add a bit of tinsel, a dab or two of glitter, and you’d have a Big Sister Claus to be proud of. Then there’s Baby Jane, who’d look lovely on anyone’s mantel, maybe Toasty taking pride of place in the centre of the dining table, or Subject Delta hanging out under the tree! The possibilities are endless…

Link thanks to the shiny new Cult of Rapture.

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