Tinker with Games for Windows LIVE – for free!

TinkerI’m just sitting here watching my Twitter client blip away in the background, and noticed an update from Xbox 360 guy, @majornelson that grabbed my attention.

His post read, simply:

Want to get 200 Gamerscore while sitting at your PC?

…with a link to a new game, Tinker.

This little robot game heralds the launch of the Games for Windows ‘Games on Demand’ service which will let you download the full version of various games, and will give you a bunch of new achievements and some extra Gamerscore – all for free, all without leaving the comfort of your computer desk.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to grab the Games for Windows LIVE client, try to remember my Gamertag and then spend a bit of quality time with Tinker.

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