These Billboards are DOOMed

MrTalion-DoomedAd01There are so many great games-related art projects floating around the internets, I feel it’s my responsibility here at playerattack to make sure you see some of it.

Today’s offering comes to us from the world of mash-up, adbusting and general subversion, with a classic twist. I present to you a Tribute to iD Software (“Doom”).

I have to admit, it took me a few moments to work out quite what was going on in these images, but once I twigged, I couldn’t stop laughing.


You can try this one at home! Take one advertising billboard, one printed-out enlarged HUD from your favourite FPS, a bit of glue, a lot of spare time, and you’re set. Black clothing optional, dark night preferred.

(Credit for these goes to artists Mr Talion, Epoxy, Baveux and Kone. Thanks also to @NatskiB and @edible_hat for the headsup.)

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