Adelaide chiptune artist takes over the world

Sebastian Tomczak

Sebastian Tomczak

While Adelaide’s a great place, it’s not really one that’s known for much beyond having a lot of both serial killers and churches (we’re not sure if the two are connected). This month, however, the Australian city is putting itself on an unusual map, sending a delegate to New York City to take part in BlipFest 2009 – one of the world’s largest (and longest-running!) festivals dedicated to electronic music.

When he’s at home, Sebastian Tomczak is a tutor, lecturer and post-graduate student at Adelaide’s Elder Conservatorium. In the wild, however, Tomczak is better known as little-scale, a chiptunes artist who has been garnering attention the world over for his creative and innovative approach to electronic music.

The past few years have seen the Adelaide local presenting papers on chip-tunes at the International Computer Music Conference, as well as playing beeps and bloops to sell-out crowds in major cities around Australia, and being a major part of the Milkcrate music project (which is well worth checking out, by the way).

…and now: he’s been hand-picked by BlipFest organisers to play at this year’s event in New York – held from the 17th-19th of this month. But he’s not alone: little-scale will be partnered by visual artist Rosa Menkman, playing alongside more than 30 musicians and up to six motion graphics artists from across the globe to an audience of 2,000 music fans.

(beep, bloop)

(beep, bloop)

In his own words:

“Travelling to BlipFest in New York presents me with a major opportunity. It is rare to be invited to play at such an event and I would be the first Australian to do so.

“The event is directly linked to what I do professionally as a music technologist and performer, and would serve to raise the profile of the Elder Conservatorium and South Australian music in general.”

Upon his return, Tomczak intends to share his experiences with the Elder Conservatorium’s Electronic Music Unit through a workshop and seminar which will also be open to the general public. We’ll keep you posted – if you happen to be in the right part of the world, it promises to be a fascinating ride!

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