Next-gen consoles heed the classic Call of Duty

CoDClassicIt’s been 6 long years since the first Call of Duty title arrived on the scene, picking up a swag of Editors’ Choice honours (50 or so) and Game of the Year awards (more than 80, at last count).

Since then, we’ve seen the franchise grow and mature, but no matter what advancements are made there are always some people who will want to go back to the Infinity Ward originals… and this week, they’re in luck, with Call of Duty: Classic popping up on both the PlayStation Network (if you hand over US$14.99) and Xbox LIVE (which will set you back 1200 MS Points).

Of course, if you’re a completist and you’ve already picked up the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Collector’s Edition, then this is old news – Call of Duty: Classic is already available as downloadable content with the code that came in the box.

Don’t run away when you hear that this is a fresh port of the original PC-only title – the conversion job has fallen to Aspyr, who have done some pretty awesome work in their time converting titles from one platform to another (they’re big on helping our Apple-y brothers with their game libraries, for instance).

Of course, if you’re outside the US, we can’t guarantee on which dates CoD:Classic will appear, but fingers crossed it’ll be somewhere in the vicinity of December 9-10, perfectly timed to distract you from festive shopping.

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