The Twilight saga arrives in SimCity

The kids behind The Sims 3 like to amuse themselves by getting their hands dirty with with popular topics. They’ve released clips poking fun at the 2008 Presidential elections, various music videos, and now the latest tackles a subject everybody is hopefully not-too tired of hearing about: Twilight.

Yes, the latest film in the saga was released earlier this month, and you might have heard a little of the buzz surrounding the adventures of Edward and Bella. In case you missed it though (whether that’s intentionally or unintentionally), we’re here to help.

I’d like to present to you the trailer for Twilight: New Moon, created entirely in The Sims 3.

(You’re welcome.)

While I’m not sure I can uncover gems of this nature every week, come back next week (same bat-time, same bat-channel) for some more of the most awesome machinima we can find around the net.

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