Assassin's Creed II print ad makes a killing

Back in the day, video game journalism was an exclusively print-only affair. There were no television shows, the interwebs weren’t as prevalent, and radio had better things to do with its time (like playing real music).

Now though, times have changed, we have stations dedicating schedule hours to both audio and video coverage of our precious games, and the handful of remaining magazines are generally seen to be dinosaurs in a world moving too fast to make them relevant.

News travels quickly in this industry, with something happening all the time, and you need to know the details right now – if not yesterday. Print media just takes too long to write up, lay out and be published, and that’s all before it arrives at the newsagency waiting for you to buy it. The days of the video game magazine may be coming to a close, but sometimes, this ancient juggernaut can produce a wonder that online productions simply cannot match.

Today’s example comes to us from the world of advertising, specifically ‘s newie – .

While leafing through your preferred periodical, you notice that two of the pages are seemingly stuck together. You attempt to prise them apart but soon realise the only way to open them is to rip the paper that connects them.

(The first one is always the hardest)

(The first one is always the hardest)

…in doing so, you commit your first kill, leaving printed telltale bloodied thumbprints on the edges of the mag. You also increase your desire to pick up a copy of the game next time you’re in town.

When’s the last time you can remember being excited – inspired, even – by a print ad for a video game? Maybe if they were all like this, the future of games magazines wouldn’t be looking quite as unhealthy as it does now.

(In an amusing twist, this ad was included in an issue of Game Pro magazine, which was available to US consumers back in October. News travels fast, she says – just not around here.)

Hat tip: This Is Star

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