The original Game Pron

The original Game Pron

Powered by noodles and cups of tea, Player Attack has been around since 2010, designed to fill a niche in the current state of games media. Over the past three years, we have worked hard to present the biggest and most interesting gaming news each week on – and now, it’s time for a change.

Introducing: Player Attack: As seen on TV!
If you’ve been lurking around the website, never fear – this will be more of the same (only better!). We’ve already been working on some interesting stuff, so you’d better stick around.

From April 2013, our daily website updates are supplemented by a weekly video recap, shown on Australian cable TV channel Aurora on Friday nights at 9pm, as well as right here on – and on our YouTube channel.

Each half-hour show contains a quick round-up of the major stories to hit the wires that week, plus the latest in reviews and big-name interviews with the people that matter in the world of gaming.

Everybody has a voice, but everybody’s talking about the same thing. There’s a lot of noise out there, but Player Attack aims to cut through the fluff – or, sometimes, fill you in on the fluff you might have missed.

Who are we? We like indie releases, breathtaking concept art, and tie-in book launches. We love cheap thrills, a good soundtrack and finding innovative uses for gaming technology. All of that is reflected on the site, kept regularly updated with stories and details about what is going on in the games industry, always paying attention to stories other outlets ignore.


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