Player Attack is an Australian video game news TV series, on air since April 2013. The show was created by industry veterans Jessica Citizen and Kingsley Foreman to “fill a niche” in games media – focussing on and addressing more mature, adult gamers.

Each weekly episode features recent games industry news and reviews, as well as exclusive interviews with industry personalities, sneaky previews, retrospectives, special features and some great giveaways.

Watch Player Attack on Aurora (Foxtel channel 183), every Friday night at 9pm Sydney time – with encore screenings held throughout the week. (Check local guides for details.)

Current scheduled times:
Friday 9pm · Monday 10pm · Tuesday 4am · Tuesday 1pm · Wednesday 6:30pm
Thursday 5:30am · Thursday 3:30pm

…if you’re not in Australia, don’t have Foxtel or just forgot to hit record, you can also stay up to date via the Player Attack YouTube channel (or watch all Player Attack episodes right here in your browser!). We’re also on Facebook and Twitter, and pop up in a few other places around the net.


Player Attack’s hosts and writers
Jessica Citizen, from Player Attack
Jessica Citizen
(Editrix, Host)
The slight aesthetic differences between Player 1 and Player 2 was typically enough for my sister and I to pick a favourite. We’d just play whichever one we liked better, and ignore the number the game assigned. I might have been both Giana and Mario, but she was Bub when I was Bob, and the White Spy to my Black.We’d choose platformers – preferably the ones where two characters could work together to achieve the end goal (see: Rodlands, Bubble Bobble) – and spent hours afterward, heads together, acting out stories about all the things the characters got up to when nobody was watching.

Jimmy the Geek
My favorite gaming memory is the first time beating Shang Tsung on Mortal Kombat for the Sega Megadrive.I was about 9 at the time and Shang Tsung was my nemesis. I was playing as Scorpion and it had taken MONTHS of learning the optimum moves and strategies. It was down to the wire, one blow left of each of us in the third round. He was across the screen from me. I launched the grapple spear out of desperation more than anything else, but it hit. My nemesis crumbled and in the worst font possible, the word “Outstanding” appeared.

Mel Evans, from Player Attack
Mel Evans
My favourite gaming memory was when my Dad brought home our first copy of a Zelda game – Ocarina of Time for N64.Previously my family had always borrowed the Zelda games from a friend, which meant the three save profiles were taken up by our family friend, my Dad and my older brother – being the 4th person to arrive at this party, I missed out. But Ocarina of Time belonged to us, which meant that third save profile was finally mine and I could run around Hyrule as Link for the first time!