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World Rally Championship

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World Rally Championship

  • Platform: Playstation 3, Xbox 360
  • Publisher: AFA Interactive
  • Developer: Black Bean
  • Genre: Car, Racing

  • After a long break, the official WRC videogame is finally coming back to home consoles with the real cars, drivers and co-drivers from the current season and from all classes: J-WRC, P-WRC, S-WRC and WRC.

    Above all, all petrol head racing enthusiasts as well as the entire community of the WRC should be happy to know that the game will deliver a very realistic and accessible driving model. 78 stages (over 550km) across 13 countries, a wide range of track conditions, the “Road to the WRC” career mode, the possibility to compete in 50 different championships as well as many online multiplayer game modes really make WRC the ultimate rally experience.

    Additional information will follow very soon on, and In the meantime, just remember the date to enjoy the real WRC world: 7th October 2010!

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